Friday, March 6, 2020

Types of Energy Work: A Visual Guide

Energy work can be a tough subject for the beginner.  In the past, I've talked extensively about how Hermeticism helps to explain what energy work is and how that same Hermeticism can help you connect energy work to spell work.  While visuals were included in those articles, we never had a chance to touch on the types of energy work.  This article is going to keep the definitions simple and rely on the visual to help you better understand the ways you can move energy.  Keep in mind that this is how I experience energy and the way I prefer to categorize its manipulation.  Your experiences may vary, and that's okay!


Let's start with the most basic form.  Visualization is the act of giving your energy a shape or form in your mind.  You might visualize your internal energy as a white ball of light or clear fluid that moves like air.  You might assign it various colors, textures, or temperatures naturally, or use those attributes to program your energy, which we'll talk about a little farther down.  Visualization helps you achieve all other forms of energy work.


When someone asks you to center, they're asking you to reign in all the extraneous energy you emit into one place.  Throughout our day, we give our energy to various people and tasks, from bills we have to pay to our coworkers we interact with and so forth.  When you center, you pull that energy back to you for your own use.


When you feel your internal energy is shaky, grounding is a way of stabilizing it.  By connecting it to the earth, a grounding element, we're able to feed any excess energy outward while also intaking rooted, balanced energy in the process.  This is why many grounding exercises require you to connect to the center of the earth or visualize yourself as a tree rooting into the ground.  Grounding done properly calms us and gives us a solid framework from which to do all other energy work.


Programming allows you to give your personal energy an intent or purpose.  We program our energy by focusing on that purpose and infusing our energy with it.  Many times, this includes visualization by altering the texture, temperature, shape, color and more of the energy within.  For example, if we're wanting to create energy that is passionate, we might see it as a steady blaze of fire.  If we're wanting to create cleansing energy, we might see it as a bubble bath.  By visualizing different textures and appearances, we allow our energy to take on the concept we have in mind so we can utilize the energy for specific purposes.


Often, witchcraft requires us to fill an object with a certain kind of energy.  This act is called charging.  Charging allows us to take that programmed energy and project it out of our body and into an item, like a stone or knife, wand or poppet.  Typically, many practitioners use their dominant hand for charging but others may use both hands or their body as well.  Whatever works best for you is the best way to do it!


Now that we understand how to get our energy outside of our body, we can then project it around us as a barrier.  Shielding, the act of making this barrier, is a way of protecting ourselves from other extraneous energy cords.  For many, we start with our energy as a sphere within and then slowly project that out until it forms an almost bubble-like shape around us.

Putting it All Together!

Happy energy working!


  1. I love these!! Your diagrams may be one of my favorite things about your work (next to the familiars, of course, haha)

  2. I would like to know when somwbody takes somwthing important from y and y know that has been used magic to do it, how y can act to win it back?