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13 Essential Gemstones Series: Citrine

In this series, I will be exploring 13 common minerals and gemstones used in the Craft, dissecting their meaning from science, history, culture, and my own experiences.  



Color: Yellow/clear, sometimes brown.
Appearance: Translucent, glass-like with imperfections and fractures.
Hardness: 7
Other Notable Qualities: Citrine is a variant color of quartz.

Scientific Correspondence:
The Sun - Cleansing

Citrine is a variant of quartz, its name coming from citrin - the French word for "lemon."  Most citrine found in stores area actually heat-treated amethyst.  This can be done with natural irradiation while it's still in the earth or by standard heat treatment methods.  Either way, the emphasis on a bright yellow color sometimes coming from irradiation makes this gemstone a perfect representation of the sun.

Common heat treatment of citrine brings it up to 900-1100F, depending on the desired color.  This kind of heat would cleanse any surface, making citrine itself a cleansing stone - one of the few that doesn't need to be regularly cleansed itself!

Historical Correspondence:

Historically, citrine has been used as an ornamental stone.  From the decorative gems of Hellenistic Greece to the stones set on the handles of 17th-century Scottish daggers and swords, from the intaglio work of the Romans to its popularity in the Art Deco area between WWI and WWII, if citrine is nothing else, it is certainly a creative stone!

Cultural Correspondence (USA/Midwest):
Prosperity - Frugality 

Queen Victoria's love of colorful gems, and particularly citrine, cemented the stone's association with the rich elite.  Even today, it remains popular with modern figures such as Kate Middleton and Kate Winslet.  As such, citrine is known to bring fame, fortune, and prosperity upon the wearer.

That being said, it's also an incredibly inexpensive stone, often used as a frugal alternative to the much more costly topaz.  Those who enjoy citrine may enjoy the money-sense it seems to bring around!

Sigil to Invoke Citrine

Utilize this sigil as a way of invoking the properties of citrine if you have none available to you.  You are welcome to print this sigil, place it in a grimoire, use it on a spell or put it in your blog with proper credit.  Do not claim this sigil as your own.

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  1. I love this series! I've been getting back into my Craft and I wanted to revisit my correspondence charts and do more in-depth research this time around (instead of the cursory one I did way back in high school). I've just recently been building out my crystal/gemstone pages and this series has been super helpful, not only in the information you provide but in helping me cull the list to the key stones. Thanks!