Monday, January 14, 2019

New Years Cleansing Bath 2018-19

New Years is a special time for me - a fresh start, a new beginning.  A chance to wipe off the dirt of the prior year.  This year, I took that metaphor literally and decided to do a cleansing bath prior to my New Years ritual.  I've never been much for baths.  Between the joint pain I suffer from my chronic illness and my Virgo concerns of stewing in "You Soup," I had my doubts.  The last time I took a bath was when I was a child.  I had certainly never done anything like this - but that's exactly why I chose it.  I wanted to try something new, something different.

My prep for this was fairly simple: A few weeks prior, I bought a special bar of soap for this occasion.  At the time, I'd really only planned to shower with it. That evening, when it came time, I wanted to try for a bath.  I ran out to the only local store still open and purchased a few things, grabbed some candles, and took a quick shower before settling in.

I surrounded the bath with white candles and chunks of raw amethyst.  I wanted to protect myself as well as cleanse myself in the process.  I also added one of my spell candles already pre-made from a recipe I posted earlier last year:

Once I filled the tub, I began with the bath bomb:

I chose a black tea and rooibos because I'd never seen anything more me in my life.  I love everything about tea, collect teacups and teapots, and enjoy tasseography.  It was perfect for this bath and definitely didn't disappoint!

It filled the tub with a dark red, almost black, color.  It was instantly soothing and I enjoyed the smell of it.

I added a few feathers, rose petals, and floating candles to help with the mood and turned on my favorite playlist of empowering music.  This gave me a chance to sit and think about the year.  2018 was a difficult year with a multitude of changes.  I left a lot behind.  I also gained so much more.  The bath quickly became a release of pent up emotions, giving me a chance to expel those before an important ritual.  I then grounded myself and prepared for the next portion.

Upon the recommendation of a close friend, I purchased this gorgeous End of Year Ritual Soap from The Tabula Rasa Farm.  I quickly began breaking the petals off to use in my washcloth.  As I bathed, I envisioned the yuck of 2018 washing away.  I pictured myself becoming a blank slate, ready for everything 2019 had to offer.

All in all, I probably spent a good half hour or longer in the bath, soaking, cleansing, and grounding.  Once I was done, I took a secondary shower.  As someone with allergies to certain fragrances and oils, I can never be too careful.  Something about taking two showers and a bath also made me feel extra clean and prepared for some spirit work!

Stay Tuned for my Spirit Work 2019 Ritual and Goals!


  1. Really nice! I will have to try that!

  2. The concept behind it makes their year-end soap something extra special, but I've yet to find a Tabula Rasa Farm soap I haven't loved. Even the heaviest scented soaps (yummmm!) have been skin friendly for me. Can't say enough good about these. How wonderful that you got to discover their soaps in such a meaningful way!

  3. I had no idea the "you soup" thing was a virgo trait! I am not a bath person, and that's one of the reasons why. (the others are I can't wash my hair or get submerged enough for my whole body to be warm)

  4. What a gorgeous ritual! (This part, and the goal setting one after!) It's such an honor to have made something that contributed!

  5. Looks very relaxing! I still think it looks like a wine bath though.