Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Full Moon in Gemini Altar November 2018

The sign of duality and balance, Gemini is represented by the twins.  A full moon in Gemini encourages us to explore our own inner duality through self-love and communication.  Here, we can creatively explore ways of meeting the needs presented by both sides of our personalities.

In this altar, I wanted to emphasize elements of air, Gemini's element, along with that penchant for communication.  I kept with sets of twos and threes.  Twos represent that balance Gemini craves in its duality while threes are the numerological symbol of creative self-expression.

Front and center on the altar are pieces of citrine.  A variety of quartz marked by its yellow hue, citrine is the stone of communication, creativity, and individuality.  Gemini prizes these traits, making this crystal a valuable addition to the altar.

On either side of the main candle, I placed feathers.  Feathers evoke the element of air, furthering the themes of communication, intelligence, creativity, and individuality.  These two feathers point away from the gold candle and towards three small slivers of citrine.

Behind the slivers of citrine are candles on either side of the altar - one white and one black to symbolize the duality and balance within Gemini.  Each candle is surrounded by sunflower seeds.  Seeds often represent the birth of creativity, the beginning of new ventures.  Sunflower seeds in particular lend themselves to the same themes we've seen throughout this altar so far.

Behind each tea light candle sits a large pillar of quartz that corresponds to the proper colors. 

Again, duality and balance are a theme with Gemini.  To the left, we have clear quartz, a representation of cleansing and balance.  to the right, smoky quartz represents grounding and protection. One removes, one internalizes.  The balance is complete.

Finally, the candles to the back echo the colors presented throughout the altar as well as the themes. 

In addition to their placement, I surrounded the tallest candle with citrine, bringing the altar back around to the start.

Overall, this full moon in Gemini altar is fairly straightforward in its representations, with themes involving the dual nature of the sign as well as the element of air.  I'll leave you with a visual description of the altar below.  Enjoy!

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