Saturday, December 22, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer Altar December 2018

Cancer, the Crab: A nurturing sign of home, family, and comfort.  With the moon as its ruling planet, a full moon in Cancer is a return to home - a chance to relax, review, and prepare for the next journey ahead as the New Year approaches.

The full moon, particularly one in this sign, is a perfect time for healing and self-nurture. I wanted to honor that with this altar, so I chose elements that would emphasize that perspective.

I began in the center, building a pillar of items that symbolized love, healing, and cleansing.

I began with a selenite heart.  As the name may suggest via the goddess Selene, selenite is tied with the moon and frequently used to healing.  Hearts symbolize love and healing as well, making this the perfect centerpiece for this altar.

Next in the pillar was a white peony.  Peonies symbolize love and happiness while white is the color of cleansing, healing, and purity.  A white peony is particularly useful in circumstances of healing, especially self-healing and self-nurturing.

Following a selenite wand, I placed an offering bowl made of copper holding salt and a copper-colored peony.  Copper is a metal often noted in healing and love.  Salt is a cleansing, healing herb.  Together, this offering bowl emphasizes all the same traits we've focused on thus far in the altar.

Finally, in the back, we return to my crescent moon candle holder.  If a full moon in cancer is a return to home, it seemed only appropriate to utilize something from the first full moon altar I did this year.  In addition, the ruling planet for Cancer is the moon, so having moon symbolism on this particular full moon altar is essential.

On either side of the center candle sits two more white peonies and two more candles.

Underneath the glass candle holders, I've placed shards of carnelian in a crescent moon shape, replicating the centermost candle.  Carnelian is a copper-colored stone that often represents love and joy among other things.

For pieces of moonstone adorn each side in front of the candles with carnelian.  Moonstone, as its name may suggest, is a stone of the moon.  It promotes love and healing, which again lends itself to the meaning of the altar at hand.

Finally, on either side of the center pillar of items, I've placed a copper crab.  Crabs are symbols of emotion and regeneration.  In fact, the crab can regenerate whole limbs when lost - an impressive representation of their healing abilities.  This makes the crab a perfect symbol of Cancer - resilient and self-nurturing.

Overall, this altar focused on the healing and love aspects of Cancer.  I utilized many symbols of Cancer, including the moon and the crab, in creating an altar that would assist me in moving forward into the new year.  I'll leave you with a visual description of the altar.  Enjoy!

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