Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Personal Update: Husband's Health, Weather and My Health.

This past month has been a whirlwind in more ways than one.  Health, work and my parents, along with everything in between, has soaked me dry.  Let's start at the top:

My husband has had one continuous migraine for almost three months now.  We broke down and took him to the ER in... late March?  The meds did help but only marginally.  He saw our GP who sent him to a neurologist.  The neuro originally thought it might be Occipital Neuralgia - where the nerve that runs from your spine to your brain gets pinched, inflamed or damaged. However, after an MRI, he thinks it might actually be Chiari malformation type I - a deformation of the skull where the cranium puts pressure on and crowds the brain, causing the lower part of the cerebellum to become displaced into the upper spinal canal.   There are solutions, one of which is surgery, but he wants a second opinion from another neurologist to be sure.  We'll have an appointment with them in about two weeks.

The day after Aaron's middle-of-the-night ER run and initial neurology appointment, I did some health spell work for a couple friends and my husband, then stayed the night with my parents' so I could help my mom in the morning.  My mom "retired" from her job.  I say retired in quotes because she's only 54 and not in bad health.  That being said, my dad is struggling with COPD so my mom decided to leave her job to care for him.  I followed her to her job to drop off her company car before heading back home.

I mentioned in the last update that my parents were getting a new puppy.  Well here she is!  They decided to name her Stella and she's just the cutest darn thing.  Because my parents are house hunting, she's actually spent a lot of time here at Rhoeas Hearth under my care.

Much to the disdain of Artie, Zeus, Hermes and Apollo.  The familiars actually tolerate her very well but she's a puppy, with all the things that being a puppy entails, and she frustrates them after a while.  Hermes wants nothing to do with her and retreats to the basement until she's gone.  Apollo is cautiously interested and Zeus immediately took his Mr. Mom position.  Artie doesn't really know what to make of her, though.  He wants to be her friend yet he also wants her out of his space, and the confusing feelings are written all over his little fluffy face.

While I love Stella to pieces, I had to put my foot down on how much she stays here.  My parents were dropping her off almost every other day since they got her, leaving me to at least part-time raise and train her.  My tactics at puppy training are not theirs in any shape.  They focus on negative reinforcement for potty training while I prefer crate-training.  They're more apt to punish her for being excitable while I try to redirect her energy into something else so she can wear herself out.  It's just... different tactics, I guess.  I'm not a fan but she's not my dog.  

Plus it's utterly wearing my babies out.

Between the two, it made me force my mom to take at least a week off.  She still tried to talk me into last Thursday but I was a firm no.  My pets should not be walking on eggshells in their own home.  Once a week would be fine.  Every other day? Nuh uh.

The familiars are doing well, otherwise.  Nothing terribly new there.

I got Artie a new collar.  We love the Asian Waves collar we get from Dogs by the Bay - it's perfect for his personality - but it would wear out after about a year.  Artie's a little Malshi and he's certainly not rough with his collars.  Because he prizes them so much, I take good care of his collar.  Yet his old one would start to become frayed and discolored after 12 months and I was just getting tired of buying him a new identical collar ever year.  So here's my solution above.  At first, I was iffy about the style but Artie loves it, of course.  It's also sparkly - I didn't expect that!  It's grown on me over time though.

I'm hitting after prom / college / wedding / after grad season at work and it's kicking my rear - in a good way!  I prefer to stay busy and my job is certainly ensuring that.

The weather here has also been quite unusual.  Spring hasn't quite decided if it's in it to win it.  Either that or winter isn't ready to leave.  So we've gotten spring flowers.  They've also all died, of course.

This crazy back-and-forth weather has also not been good for my own health.  Beyond autoimmune flares, it's also forced me to work outside in some brutal temperatures.

I knew walking into the local MLB game that I was coming down with something.  I'd been sniffling and sneezing for three days, but it had never teetered over the edge of obviously-sick or obviously-sinus-infection.  I was holding my own well.  Then I was forced to work outside in freezing temperatures with sub-freezing 40 MPH wind gusts that were picking up fountain water, causing me to be damp.  It even snowed off and on.  By the time I finally walked to my car after work, my legs were so frozen that they were numb.  When I came home, I quickly ate food and crawled under two heavy blankets for an hour, but my legs still weren't getting any sort of warm.

Eventually, my husband went out and bought me a heated blanket.  BEST THING EVER.  I fell asleep the minute it got warm and woke up with normal legs again!

... And a terrible sore throat and cough.

After a doctor's visit this morning, my cold/sinus infection progressed into bronchitis.  I'm on meds and have received a breathing treatment (because my wheezes sound like the wails of the damned).  Hopefully I can clear the bronchitis before the weekend because I have one hell of a schedule starting Friday.  Being sick will certainly not help.

I think that brings us up to date!  Hopefully I'll have good news in the next one.  Have a good one, guys!


  1. Keeping the balance in life is no easy task, especially when you have so many things in the fire. Take care and I as a reader thank you for thee updates, even though we don't know each other from a hole in the ground.


    1. Thank you so much, Di! I appreciate your readership. :)