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[Guest Article: Andrea] Creating the Ostara Ritual

A note from Witchy Words:  At the beginning of the year, I asked the circle I coordinate, Circle of Fountains, if they'd each like to do a guest article based on a topic that I might not be able to cover.  This is a great effort by my amazing circle to give you information that you might not otherwise encounter here at Witchy Words.  The following article is written not by me but another member of Circle of Fountains, with credit and notes about its author below.  Enjoy!


Creating the Ostara Ritual

Lately, some of my circlemates have struggled with communicating with loved ones.  While trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my ritual on the Spring Equinox, I picked up on these issues and wanted to find a way to help resolve them.  Our rituals are often an outlet and a chance to evaluate our circumstances, and I wanted my ritual to do that.

In addition, I used Llewellyn's 2018 Sabbats Almanac to help in the initial brainstorming stages.  One of the of the chapters in Ostara talked about eggs which set the theme for the craft. While looking up the correspondences of communication, I used the following correspondence able to add into the ritual and craft.

            Colors: Blue, orange, yellow
            Herbs: Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary
            Gemstones: Amazonite, Amethyst,Quartz (clear),  Sodalite, Tiger's Eye
            Elements: Air, Earth, Fire

The Planning

While researching, I kept a notebook next to me to write down any ideas. Wanting to use the eggs as a symbol of rebirth, which created the “Rebirth of communication” theme. Everything inside the egg should represent communication, I felt.

The Shopping List

After figuring out what I wanted to do for the ritual, next came the fun part: SHOPPING. Each ritual, every attendant gives $15 to the leader of the sabbat, which was me this time.  I was expecting seven people aside from myself, and the ritual leaders usually try to throw some money as well at the ritual.  That gave me a budget of $120 dollars. Most of what I used was from either Amazon, Dollar Tree, Target and Joann Fabrics.

The Craft: Wooden Eggs

As you all know, eggs are big during Ostara due to what they represent, so I really wanted to incorporated them into the craft.  I decided on hollow wood eggs that could be painted and filled. Inside the egg, I wanted to use the correspondences.

The first thing I wanted them to do was paint the outer part of the egg to make it their own.
Then I had everyone write on the blue or yellow paper what they would like to work on. Once the egg was dry, they filled the inside with herbs and stones, and then placed the piece of paper inside the egg.

I also made tags for everyone so they can write down what was in the egg and for what ritual. This way, its easier to remember what the eggs represent.

This meant that I needed hollow wooden eggs, paint, paint brushes, sponges, cups for water, a disposable table cloth, containers for paint and disposable aprons for the painting portion.  I need needed various stones, herbs and colored paper in blue and yellow for the interior of the eggs.

The Ritual: Opening the Pathway for Communication

I wanted the altar to have a spring time feel to it yet still incorporate the correspondences. For this, I needed flowers, candles, candle holders and individual egg cups. I did a test altar before the ritual to see how it would look just in case I needed to get more of something.

While I was still in the planning stages, I knew I wanted to involve Artie into the ritual to show the little guy that we love when he participates. At the quarters, I wanted each person to give him a treat to thank him for helping to call and release.  When I told Marietta about this, she was excited and offered treats she already had to save me money there.

At the beginning, I had Phaedra do a meditation to clear the path for better communications. I then asked Marietta to do the ending meditation. There was even laughing during meditation. Yes, I know meditation is suppose to be quite and grounding. To me, laughter with family is more grounding to me then trying to be quiet and still.

I am not good at doing serious and dark rituals and this one was no different. I wanted talking and laughing. To me, these are two important aspects when dealing with communication.  Having all the familiars with us led to some cute distraction which gave us a calming environment.

I started off listing what my egg was about: Having a better communication with my gods - to get off my lazy butt and do better with working on my path. I then asked those who wanted to explain their egg. During this time, we had laughter and misty eyes.

After we went around explaining the eggs, we ended the ritual with the last meditation and dismissing the quarters. Once again, Artie helped with closing.

On a fun note I think I just started a tradition with the circle. Hopefully Artie will join us for more quarter calling and releasing in the future!


Andrea is a self-proclaimed lazy pagan and the Archivist for Circle of Fountains.  If she isn't hanging with the circlemates, she is at home surrounded by her husband and five cats playing games or reading. She loves to make greeting cards and is skilled in paper crafting. You will always find her with her Nook no matter where she goes.

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