Thursday, November 23, 2017

Candles for Artemis

Candles for Artemis
Thursday, November 23rd at 7 pm CST to
end of the day Friday, November 24th

Artie's surgery and staging is scheduled for tomorrow at 7 am 8 am (changed by vet) and he will be at the vet all day.  At 7 pm tonight, we have to put him on a fast.  I've set up an altar to Artie with several tealights.  Friends and family members are going to come from 7 pm tonight all the way through his surgery until 5 pm tomorrow to light candles on this altar to Artie's health.  I'm cutting visitation off at 5 so I can go get him and he can rest at home without any excitement.

If you want to help Artie get better and send some healing energy his way, light a candle between those times and send me a picture.  You can either post it in the comments below or send it to me via e-mailFacebook or Tumblr.

Bill Assistance
Or a direct call to our vet on Friday, November 24th:

Aaron and I have a savings.  We are not struggling to meet this bill, for once in our lives.  That being said, some readers have wanted to help financially anyway to alleviate the stress involved with the surgery, and we're certainly not going to say no.  If we don't have to dip into our winter savings, it would make the situation slightly less stressful.  The original vet appointment cost $140 on blood work, meds and a biopsy Thursday.  I'm looking at between $370-$570 for the surgery this upcoming Friday.  Until I know the stage, I don't know what else to expect.  So if you want to help us out in a physical world way, this would be the route to go.  Again, we have the savings.  This would just be alleviating financial stress.

Thank you so much to Arteyin for donating $50 towards his medical bills.  We truly appreciate it!

Also thank you to Debra in Alabama for donating $50 towards Artie's surgery!  <3


  1. I've had a candle lit since yesterday evening for Artie as well as my own two sick critters. Sending healing energy to all!