Saturday, June 3, 2017

June Personal Update: Lots of caricaturing, home renovations and ALL THE FAMILIARS.

These past few months have been so hectic! I've been working almost non-stop, I've been horribly ill which forced me to fall behind on the blog, and some home things have occurred that I can't wait to tell you about!  Plus I have all the adorable familiar photos you could possibly want.  Let's get down to it!


In late April, I was flown out to Milwaukee to draw on t-shirts, mugs, magnets and hats at a university up there.  It was a hectic 24 hours - I literally boarded a plane twice, stayed in a hotel and completed the event in less than a 24 hour span - but it was an immense amount of fun.

May was probably my busiest month this year thus far.  I barely had a day off but it was totally worth it.  I figure I get most of January and February off and that makes up for it.  I also enjoy my job, so that's a bonus.

I drew at everything from bar mitzvahs to marriage proposals, from company parties to aftergrads, from weddings to conventions.  I'm utterly exhausted but it was a ball!

I even managed to get a few photos of myself!


So I don't know if you guys remember, but back in March, we had an awful storm here at Rhoeas Hearth.  We had to take the pets to the basement for a tornado warning that lasted about an hour and, when we emerged, the storm had taken out a tree in our front yard as seen here:

The tree gently touched our house - it did no damage.  However, it turns out, the storm itself did a hell of a lot of damage.

Now, to be fair, we knew when we moved in that the roof would need to be replaced soon.  Same with the siding.  Both were old and were some of the few things not updated when the house was renovated.  That was fine.  We've been working hard to save up for a roof replacement this year, hoping to get it done around September.

However, when I noticed literally all of our neighbors were having their roof redone, we decided to get in touch with our insurance.  After an inspection, turns out the roof and siding are totally covered by the damage the storm did!  So we're in the process now of working with our insurance's contractor because we'd like to make some changes to the house in the process.

First of all, we're ripping out this old, rusted flag pole next to our house.  We're also getting rid of this old 70s car port.  No one uses it and it's an eyesore.

Then we're changing up the colors on the house.  The siding will cover the actual main color of the house, so that won't cost us.  While they pull down the shutters, I can paint those myself, and my husband and I can tackle the door.  Here's a poor photoshop mock-up of what I'm thinking, with what we're wanting on top and what it currently looks like on the bottom:

I'm extremely excited!  We're mostly a go at this point, with only a few details to hammer out.  I can't wait to get a before and after shot of the house.  To celebrate the changes coming, I grabbed a new welcome mat:

Super fitting since the name Rhoeas comes from papaver rhoeas, or red poppy.

Also, say hello to my latest furniture addition:

I've been dying for a vanity for quite some time.  Standing to do my makeup with my chronic illnesses can be a literal pain.  Plus it comes with all sorts of storage - the mirror slides, the drawer has a ton of storage and even the bench opens for a bit of storage.  Plus it was on sale, so I didn't pay much for it, and I've paid off enough of my NFM card that I could put it on that.  I didn't think I'd be able to get a vanity until the end of the year.

Between the house being totally covered by insurance and the vanity, a lot of my house timeline has been moved up.  It's pretty amazing!  We feel super blessed.


I mentioned earlier that I dealt with some illness.  May was basically the month I was sick.  I flew out to Milwaukee with food poisoning, returned with a lymph node infection that eventually traveled to my ears and ruptured my right ear drum.  Everything about it was awful.  That being said, I'm feeling much, much better.  I can hear out of my right ear now and, though I'm dealing with some left over effects, I'm pretty much back to normal at this point.  It did however stop me from blogging for most of May.  I could barely hear and any sounds that did pierce my ear were vibrating, painful and downright thought-stopping.  It was like my mind was constantly accidentally refreshing, so I couldn't carry a thought for longer than a few minutes.  Everything was nuts.  I didn't even blog on Pagan Bloggers (hopefully that won't affect my contract with them).  Hopefully I can get back on track this month!


I think the biggest update I have in the familiars area is Zeus.

Last I spoke about Zeus, he had a life-threatening medical emergency.  I'm happy to report that he's not just back to normal, he's better than normal.  He's been more active, playful, curious and loving than I've seen in months.  The only remnant of his illness is the shaved spot on his front right leg (seen above) which will take between 8 and 12 weeks to grow out.  That's it!  Otherwise, he seems much healthier.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped us when we needed it!

Otherwise, I have a small collection of familiar photo dump for you!

All taken on different mornings.  They're so cohesive!

Artie. My man. My guy.  What are you doing?

All the kitties!

And never far from Artie.

Speaking of Artie...

And here's some more of me and the kitties for good measure:

And there you have it!  That's all I've got for today.  Enjoy!


  1. A few things to comment on.
    1. Your art style is so cute!
    2. You always wear such great clothes. How do you keep the kitties from clawing them?
    3. Glad all of the babies are doing well.

    1. Thank you so much, Kristina! My cats are excellent about not hooking their claws in my good clothes but, honestly? I don't really wear my good clothes at home long enough for them to do so. I usually lounge in yoga pants if I'm not directly on my way out the door and change within minutes of getting back in.

  2. Great pics! (Your drawings AND the photos)...May sounds like a tough time, glad you're feeling better!

    1. Thank you, Alex! It was a very long month but super worth it!