Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Circle of Fountains March Full Moon Esbat 2017

On Sunday, March 12th, Circle of Fountains Primaries met for the first Advanced course and our full moon ritual.

The evening started with Phaedra and Amy leading us in a course about the deeper meaning of ritual.

They also led us through some connecting, grounding and centering exercises.

Ritual was led by Andrea!

We began first by opening the circle, calling the quarters clockwise from east.

Those of us that could then danced to Wish Now.

She then gave each of us a strip of paper that described something positive we personally brought to the table.  For example, mine had a small blurb about wisdom and strength.  We then burned the paper in the cauldron.

With that, we released the quarters...

...And closed the circle!

While belated, I hope you've enjoyed this simple full moon ritual.  Our next one is this Sunday!  Stay tuned!


  1. I love that Zeus was right in the middle! <3

    1. It's rare we get a ritual where at least one of the familiars isn't smack-dab in the center. I love them to pieces!