Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Circle of Fountains April Full Moon Esbat 2017

On Sunday, April 9th, Circle of Fountains met for Novice coursework and our full moon ritual!

Phaedra and Tamilia started the evening by teaching our Novices about grounding and centering.

This included a grounding and centering exercise for the entirety of our circle in attendance.

We then opened the circle for esbat!

This full moon was led by Laura.  She spoke about April's full moon being the Pink Moon and how it symbolized growth.

She handed us a white ribbon and passed colored sharpies around, asking us to choose one.  On the white ribbon, we wrote something we hoped would grow in the coming months.

We then selected two other colors of ribbon and, using clipboards to hold the tops in place, braided our ribbons together while charging them.

In a crystal dish, Laura had a collection of herbs representative of growth and the season.

We were asked to dip our growth braids in the dish.

With that, we closed the circle...

... And stepped outside to admire the moon!

From my (very serious) circle to yours, happy April full moon everyone!

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