Monday, April 17, 2017

April Personal Update: Work, Zeus, Camera, Reviews

So I had planned to post a personal update tomorrow but I have a new review to add to my itinerary this month, so I'm shifting things around in my schedule.  Definitely look at that review coming up Thursday because I might just be doing a giveaway (hinthintcoughcough).  You know, for science.

This month has been hectic on the work front.  It's after prom and wedding season, and the Royals games started back up with Sunday Funday.  I've not done the best job of grabbing pictures during gigs.  Some of it was contracts that stipulate I can't take photos of clients during the event, which is of course fine.  I'd never violate a contract.  Some of it was that my phone was on the fritz, which I have, as of just this week, replaced.  Some of it was fighting our ridiculously windy weather.  No matter what utensils you use, wind and paper aren't friends (or maybe they're far too good of friends, ha!).  Either way, now that I have a new phone, I should have some better photos for future updates.

Here in about a week, I'll be flying out for a tshirt, hat, magnet and coffee mug gig.  Yeah, I know, crazy stuff right?  I'm very excited.  Tshirt caricatures sound like so much fun.  I'm also honing my skills as a live digital artist with my Cintiq Companion 2.  So more things to come there.

Also took some more road trips this month for my job, including a few with some friends.  Dragging friends along for the ride is oftentimes the only way to get through it.

Things have actually been fairly still on the home front until this weekend.  Merc Ret's in full swing and it's taking everything down with it.  The first thing that happened was...

Zeus almost dying.

No, that's not hyperbole.  About a month ago, we noticed a little fungal thing going around Apollo and Zeus.  We went to the vet and got an antifungal that cleared it up but left Zeus with some GI distress (Read: Blowouts.  Yeah, I don't want that visual either but there you go).  So I took him back to the vet to get him on something so manage it.

I don't know if he had an adverse reaction to the medication or they overdosed him because they're not used to such a big cat or what, but it swung back the other way.  Sometime mid-last week, he started grunting while trying to go to the bathroom and by Thursday night, we were running him to the ER because he couldn't do either a number one or two in the litter box.  The ER we took him to said that everything seemed okay, they didn't see any evidence of blockage or infection and sent him back home at about midnight.

I stayed up with him all night, watching him trying to go to the bathroom and failing, and breaking down, saying that no one would believe me that something was wrong.  The next day, Aaron took off from work and we took him to a totally different vet that had in-house labs and xrays.  They found that he at least had a severe GI blockage and might have a urinary blockage as well, but they wouldn't know until after they removed the former.

A surgery and -$800 later and it turns out it was only a GI blockage, thank goodness.  He was able to return home with us the same day and has been much better ever since.  The vet did tell us that, had we left it much longer, it's likely that systems would have started to shut down and he would have died.  We caught it just in time for it to do no lasting damage.

Then, the day after Aaron and I bring Zeus home, one of my circlemates had an awful personal catastrophe.  It's not something I'm willing to publicly talk about because it's not my story to tell, but it left her extremely distressed and staying with us over the weekend.  Fortunately, this weekend was light on work so I could help her out and get her what she needed.  This is a long-term problem, so it isn't resolved yet but I think she's going in the right direction.

That took me until Sunday night where the circle and I decided to cancel our public Midsummer ritual because of the circlemate's personal catastrophe.  It's far more important that we take care of our own at this point.

Of course, in the process of all of this, my car is malfunctioning (when I turn the headlights on, the dashboard lights turn off... great), and my camera - my camera is malfunctioning.

If you follow me on social media, my camera has been malfunctioning for a long while, but it's inability to focus is getting worse and worse, to the point that I just have to keep turning it off and on repeatedly to get it to work.

If you'd like to help me out in buying a new camera, click here.

I'll leave you with some cute photos of the familiars.  Until next time!

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