Monday, January 9, 2017

January Personal Update: Home, Familiars and Health

Hello and happy 2017 from the Witchy Words household!  I'm sure you're wondering where my goal posts for 2017 are.  They're coming very soon (probably tomorrow, in fact).  Like a domino effect, an ice storm delayed Yule which delayed the Yule post which in turn delayed all of my usual beginning-of-the-year goal work.  But it is coming.  I've had all of my goals mapped out since mid-December and have been starting work on them this month.  Taking it slow, but I'm excited to see what 2017 will bring!

But before we get into 2017, let's wrap up the past month.

Home: Rhoeas Hearth

Last month, we painted and starting adding decor that matched our new lavender accent wall.  This month was all about accent furniture.  Strangely enough, with all the furniture we bought for Terra Luna, things still seem so empty here at Rhoeas Hearth.  We also ran into some logistical issues.  For example, my tea cabinet, as much as I love it, just sticks out too far in the dining room to be practical.  So I grabbed a few things to make life a little easier plus a little witchy bonus.

This is, in the long run, going to be my solution to the tea cabinet (the left-most item in this photo that eventually got hauled down to the garage).  I had added two amazing wall shelves to my cart that I could have put my tea pots on but Nebraska Furniture Mart ran out before I hit the buy button (of course).  In the long run, I'm hoping to find similar wall shelves for my tea pots and cups, and then use this table to store my teas, plates, wine-related stuff (bottle openers, corks, etc) and so forth.  It also gave me space to put up a tiny temporary altar to Nyx.

We also got this, which makes a nice little coffee nook.  Pretty happy with it!  I'm planning to screw hooks into some of the shelves so we can hang the cups.  I also want to run the extension cord under the carpet.  But other than those two things, this is pretty much good to go at this point.

We got this cute wall hanger/bench duo for the entry way.  Obviously, I haven't had time to really put anything on it yet.  I'm still getting there.

And, as you already know, I added a witchy purchase by getting a new altar!

The best part about owning, and about moving our housewarming to a year from move-in, is that I have plenty of time to get things to where I want it.  Paint? Check.  Accent tables? Check.  I still have a lot to do before the front of the house is at a point I would call "complete" but we're certainly getting there!

Also, at some point, I need to change the bulb in the light over the entry way.  It's definitely one of those cool or clear light bulbs and everything else in the house is warm.  It makes all of my matching lavender accent items look more "pink" than the accent wall, even though I literally have a paint chip in my wallet so I can directly match these items.  It's driving the artist in me absolutely bonkers.

2016 was my most productive year yet for work.  I just wrapped up my profit/loss statement for the full year and holy moly, it was impressive.  Super proud of myself!  Of course, we're now into "dry season."  January and February tend to be pretty dull for work.  I think of it kind of like an extended break or a sabbatical.  Teachers don't generally work in the summer (unless they pick up summer school classes or coaching), and I don't generally work much in the worst parts of the winter.  I can't complain.  It makes things very tight during these two months, but then I also don't have to be out in the freezing cold, snow and ice.  Bonus.

Because Patreon seemed to be pretty awesome for Witchy Words, I launched one for my artwork (click here).  I haven't officially released it to my business page on Facebook yet, nor is it posted on my website, so you're getting kind of an exclusive view of it right now.  Hopefully I can gain some patrons before I post it up.


So this month was interesting to say the least in the Witchy Words household.  For the past several months, we've been seeing a cat we temporarily dubbed Boreas around the neighborhood.  We fed him, gave him a shelter outside and all that jazz.  However, during the Yule ice storm, we noticed no one had let him in.  I can't just leave a cat out, and I'd become rather connected to him, so I finally just put him in the garage and set up a vet appointment.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long.  Boreas is FIV+.  While I'm plenty aware that an FIV+ cat can coexist in a multi-cat household (Nyx was likely FIV+), I'm just not willing to risk it.  My familiars are incredibly social but they're also all tom cats.  And while Boreas is sweet and cute, my babies have to come first.

Fortunately, a friend of mine took one look at his sweet face and wanted to meet him.  When she came over, he jumped into her arms and started kneading the air.  He happily went home with her.  So he is officially off the streets and in a warm, safe home.  It just didn't end up being mine.

That being said, Boreas's presence in the household caused a disruption in the vetting process.  Typically, I try to take one pet a month to go to the vet.  But, when I thought we'd be keeping Boreas, I went ahead and vetted the rest my cats so they'd all be up-to-date on vaccinations.  I don't regret it.  At least it's done.  But lugging 20 pounds of solid chunky cat (hi Zeus) with his 13 pound, 4' long brother (hi Hermes), both of whom need a massive dog carrier because they're far too big to fit into the easy kitty portable boxes... Man, I got my cardio and weight lifting all at once, lemetellya.  Ah, fur mama life.

Things quickly returned to normal after Boreas's short two day stay in our garage.  And other than that, no news.  In terms of animals, no news is generally good news.  So, as usual, photo dump time.

This is maybe the best photo I've ever taken.

I want my dog's life.  No worries.  No shame.  No sense of decency.
All of our pets are in this, but one's blending with the black throw blanket on the left.


Whoever convinced me to have my wisdom teeth removed, why oh why did I listen?  What a nightmare.  Two weeks after having them removed, I was still floating between a 6 and an 8 on the pain scale on pain meds.  I called the oral surgeon several times, who constantly said it was normal.  I had no signs of dry socket, no major issues, but still I was in pain.  It got to the point that I seriously considered seeing another oral surgeon until, one morning...

I woke up with a mouth full of blood.  Super awesome.  Super great.  Super wonderful.

However, after that, my pain instantly dropped to a 4, and then tapered to a 0 over the course of a couple days.  Best I can guess, I probably formed a blood pocket that was pressing on a nerve.  I'm still not fully healed, because wisdom teeth surgery takes a massive amount of time to heal.  Sometimes I get food stuck and the pain skyrockets.  The holes aren't fully closed yet but we're much closer. 

As someone who has a slew of autoimmune diseases and generally identifies as a spoonie, it baffles me that I opted to put myself through this when I had nothing wrong with my wisdom teeth.  Yes, yes, prevention.  But my dad still has his wisdom teeth and he's fine (at least, in that area).  I could have played the lottery.  I had them out now because I thought it would be easier but honestly, after everything I went through, I think it probably would have resulted in the same amount of pain either way.  Plus it came with a hefty bill that I could have really put off past some of the stuff we have done and need to do with the house.

That being said, I'm over the worst of it and almost to the point of being healed, so I guess what's done is done.


Speaking of being a spoonie with autoimmune diseases, here's a day in my life in a few videos.  Obviously, I'm puffed up, messy hair and no makeup because, I mean, who puts on makeup when they're flaring?  Most of these were shot for correspondence with my circle, my husband and some of my friends because I 100% did not feel like typing.


So the fun thing about having autoimmune diseases and being prone to inflammation is that you get absolutely, positively random hives for zero reason whatsoever.  I already knew I was flaring because I spent pretty much all day sleeping and feeling like general ick, but nothing beats getting up to go to the bathroom and feeling like your feet are on itchy, awful fire.  Like I said in one of the videos: There's nothing I can really do for it.  If I go to my doc, they're going to want to find the source... but there isn't one.  There's nothing in my bed that would set me off, nothing across my bare wood floors.  The last time I went to the doctor about random hives, I ended up biopsied by a dermatologist.  I have a permanent scar on my shoulder and the biopsy returned that it was, SHOCKER, hives with no real cause.  So I just don't even bother.  I keep methylprednisolone on hand and take it when I need it.  Like this.  Exactly like this.

This event really isn't anything shocking or out of the ordinary.  I just happen to have documentation of it and thought I'd share.

Other Stuff

Christmas at our house was fun.  My husband got me a slew of quartz, RBG's book, and a SM playing card set.  I got him a deep fryer, especially since he's been craving chicken tenders for a while.  We got Artie two new toys and some catnip for the cats.  All around, lots of fun stuff.

We spent Christmas Eve with his parents, where we ate dinner and attended Christmas Eve mass at the church we got married in.  Christmas Day was spent with my parents where we had a big lunch and watched a movie.

When I get to this age, I too want to race my friend on my mobility scooter.  This is what held us up trying to get to the DMV shortly before NYD and it was totally worth it.

We spent New Year's Eve with my gaming group (yes, largely comprised of my circle, lol).  We rang in the new year taking down an ice monster.  Not too bad.

Finally, this has been mostly the current weather situation in my area.  This was taking around 2-3 pm.  Cloudy, dreary, cold and dark.  I'm not a big winter fan for these reasons.  I much prefer some actual sun.  This level of light all day, even when I'm turning lights on and using a clear light lamp, make me very exhausted.

And, after all of that, I think I've officially gotten through all the updates!  Looking forward to posting my goals up soon.  I also have some new posts in store.  I can't wait!  See you all soon!

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