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2017 Health Goals

2016 had it's ups and downs for my health.  The upside was that I didn't have any major, life-altering flares.  I never had to see a specialist and I only went to my GP for my yearly.  This is probably the first year in a string of four years that I haven't been in and out of the doctor's office!  Woo!

On the not-so-upside, I gained a lot of weight.  We barely got settled in when Terra Luna flooded.  I had figured that we would likely end up moving again when the property management company didn't respond to the flood for six days.  Especially because we didn't know what to expect as a time table when it came to buying, it was hard to keep healthy foods in the fridge.  Would we be living at Terra Luna or moving the next week?  Who knew?  We ended up on a hard fast food diet for pretty much the entire year.

So flares down, weight up.  I'll still take it.

Let's look at this year's chart.

While I'm still the least happy with my health, it's still improved from last year: Five blocks instead of six.  And that's up from the prior year.  Having some home stability will certainly help with that for next year too, I'm sure.

Let's look at my pentacle chart:

Slow weight loss, medication and doctors appointments, lifestyle changes and a daily schedule can all apply to getting my health under control.

Lifestyle Changes

The kind of lifestyle I ended up having from last year was hectic.  We ate out all the time because we just couldn't get to the grocery store or spend time making a meal.  I stopped tracking my food and my water intake.  I slept too long, not enough or sporadically between work, packing and house hunting.  I stopped walking the dog, I developed severe major depression and I stopped taking my meds.  The fact that I didn't have a major flare last year was impressive.

Something about this move made it harder than any of the other moves.  Maybe I was just exhausted of moving or maybe it was the severe clinical depression that kicked in.  All of those above are things that I used to do relatively consistently prior to this flood and the move and I would like to get back to doing them again.

Slow Weight Loss

I have no intention of hitting any kind of "goal weight" this year.  I just want to get back to "normal."  I stabilized at 180-190 lbs when we weren't constantly eating out and moving. That's where I want to be by the end of the year.  

Combining my slow weight loss with my lifestyle changes, I think I'll be successful at reaching stable weight by simply making small changes to my life rather than going on a full-blown diet and pushing myself to run two miles every day.   Here's what that looks like:

Medication and Doctors Appointments

So it turns out that the reason I was struggling to upkeep my medication was part of my clinical depression from moving so much.  I was put on a new medication for that and saw a massive improvement in my motivation and willingness to take care of myself.  Moving cut into that a bit.  We lost a lot of stuff during the move thanks to negligent movers, including medications.  I could have refilled off of insurance but we couldn't afford it right after buying a house.  I could have called my doctor to get a refill but she would have required me to come in and I couldn't afford that either.  So we just waited.  After a while, waiting turned into habit and I came off of a number of my medications.

I have been much better since December.  Once we got the house painted and most of the boxes unpacked, I became much more stable on my medication.  I've also been better about my doctor appointments.  I saw a dentist for a teeth cleaning, got my wisdom teeth removed and finally got new glasses.  I haven't seen my GP yet but I'm waiting until I wrap up my hypothyroid meds before making that appointment.  I want to make sure I've been diligently on them for enough time to justify blood work.  I'm well on my way for that.

Daily Schedule

Having a daily schedule is so important to maintaining any sort of stability.  I think it would play a huge role in all forms of my health.  I'll approach my daily schedule in a different section, which I will then link here when posted.

Begin (Group) Exercise

The circle has been trying to put together some kind of exercise regimen but it just hasn't been working out.  Everyone's schedules have been far too hectic.  I've approached them asking if we want to get a schedule together.  If not, I'm going to change it into a support group and start doing some mild exercises at home.  I'm significantly more overweight than I've ever been, so I have to take it slowly.  I can't just hop in to 2 miles of running or 45 minutes of Zumba like I used to do.  But I certainly believe getting up and moving some will be helpful.\

Here's how I'm tracking it:

Health Goals - 0% Complete for the month.
Lifestyle Changes [One specific goal per month]. - 0% complete.
Maintain Medication [Pills taken x/30 (or 31 or 29) days]. - 0% complete.
Daily Schedule [One specific goal per month from another section]. - 0% complete.
Slow Weight Loss [x/4 lbs per month]. – 0% complete.
Begin (Group) Exercise? - Will not apply to completion percentage.

Coming up:
2017 Home Goals

To my audience:
What are your health goals for 2017?

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