Friday, November 4, 2016

November Personal Update

October was so busy, goodness.  It was probably my busiest month for work all year, it was my turn for sabbat ritual writing and leading in the circle, I've been prepping for our circle's 2017 planning meetup happening this month and gosh... October just ended up a blur in the middle of all of it.  So let's start off with the circle:


As 2016 comes to a close, we're gearing up for next year.  We're meeting with three potential Novices this Sunday and then having our official 2017 planning meeting next Sunday.  We'll be having some changes in Primary Member lineup as well as responsibilities to the group.  I'm hoping to have at least two public teaching opportunities as well as at least one public ritual.  On that note, if you're a festival, organization or metaphysical shop around the KC area and looking for group to teach or lead a ritual, we're open to that.  Contact me at with more information.

Obviously, I'll have more updates after our meeting on November 13th.


After the promo event that had me out of state wrapped up...

...I was working college events...

... and fall festivals.

I also did some commission work for weddings and businesses.

October is usually when caricaturing starts to slow down for me but this year, it was my busiest month.  I'm certainly not complaining!  It just made October a total blur.

About the only real news on the work front is that, after being a long and loyal proponent of the Chartpak Fine Tip markers, I may be navigating away from them.  Once upon a time, Dixon held the caricaturing monopoly on markers with their Markette until they switched the nub to a bullet tip (read: glorified sharpie).  Most of us migrated over to the Chartpak Fine Tip because it had a similar tip to the old Markette and equal ink drying times.  But I've just about had it with the Chartpak.  I'm getting broken nibs, dried nibs, frayed nibs, dried markers and, on my most recent gig, exploding markers (as seen above).  A coworker of mine has been using Crayola markers (Crayola!  Who knew?).  I'm giving it a shot.  I'm really tired of paying so much for a marker that only gets used by caricature artists only to have it not work for what I do.  Bummer.

At least I got to wrap up the month with five awesome Halloween-themed parties!

The Familiars

This has been an... interesting month for my familiars.

Yes, that's blood.  Yes, that's at an emergency vet's office.  But thankfully, it looks far far worse than it actually was.  An ER run was necessary but I want to preface the story that all is well.

It's about 12:30 am on a Friday night (Saturday morning technically) and my husband and I are starting to think about bed.  I look over and notice Artie is licking intently.  He comfort licks when he's tired, so I assume he's ready for bed too, but I tell him to stop so he doesn't create a hot spot.

When he lifts his face, all we see is blood.

At some point, Artie hooked a hind leg's nail on something and pulled/cracked it.  They weren't even that long.  He never whimpered or panicked, or showed any sign that anything was wrong until we saw the blood.  I immediately picked him up, asked Aaron to wrap his leg in a towel and we were out the door to our local emergency vet.  They clipped the nail back to the quick, gave him antibiotics and a pain killer and we were all good.  The bill wasn't even that much - $166 for everything.  I held it together like a strong pet mama until they took him back to clip his nails and I got a view of all the blood - the foot-long smear of blood on the vet table, the fact that his paw was soaked in blood up to his knee.  At that point, I bawled for a good five minutes straight.  My baby boy.  Even worse, when I started crying, I guess Artie wanted to "eat my sorrow" and tried to get away from the doctors to come find me.

Everything is fine.  It was just a very long night for all of us.

Needless to say, once we were through with the antibiotics, we took Artie in to the groomer for a solid buzz and pampering.

And our pooch is back to his normal self!

All of these were taken on different nights. <3

We also started our rounds of vaccinations this month, beginning with our derp, Apollo.

Look at that one very angry derp eye.

Vet said he's healthy, happy and good to go!  We did a preventative blood work as well as his vaccinations, and the results gave us a good baseline for future blood work.  Next month, I'll be taking in Hermes.

I suppose the final update for our Familiars is this:

This is a photo I sent to my circlemates while Samhain shopping.  I associate my Zeus with raccoons (because he's pudgy and has raccoon-like markings).  The minute I saw this, I wanted one.  But let's be honest: I'm a 28-year-old woman with no stuffed animals and have never really had a need for one before.  So as much as I loved it, I couldn't justify the expense.

And then my circle happened.

Phaedra and Amy came together and got me a surprise Zeuscoon for Samhain! <3

I'm in love!  I've been using it for my arms every night, which has helped significantly with shoulder pain.  I can't complain about that.  Though I think Zeus is a little jealous that the Zeuscoon gets bear-hugged every night.  My husband says he's caught Zeus glaring at it more than once.

No Zeusy, it's not replacing you.  Mama's circle just loves you so much that they couldn't resist.

With all of that being said, familiar photo dump:

The House

It's finally starting to look like fall here at Rhoeas Hearth.  We had an incredibly warm October (Samhain was 80F for a high; very unusual).  The leaves here make me incredibly happy though.

I'm so glad we don't have a home owner's association to mandate that we rake up all of these gorgeous leaves.  I mean, we're going to mulch them this weekend, so they'll pretty much be taken care of anyway, but at least I got to enjoy them.

Also, a quick screen cap from a chat between me and my husband:

But honestly, the house has been pretty darn good to us!  We immediately built a savings back and then some.  Not only is the mortgage significantly less than we're used to paying in rent but, because the house was recently remodeled with new windows and insulation, our bills have been much cheaper too.  It's been great.

With the significant savings built, I decided I wanted to change the colors of the walls a bit - an thus the general color scheme of my front room.  You guys have seen the white/tan/red/gold theme we've had for quite some time.

This was taken at our old rental house.
Now that we can paint the walls, I have a new color scheme in mind.  I've been having painters come out for estimates and I know who I'm going with.  I'm making the official call to set everything up on Monday.  Exciting!

We were supposed to have a housewarming party this Saturday (tomorrow actually).  For my sanity, I cancelled it a couple weeks ago.  When I realized I wanted to paint, that meant that we couldn't really fully unpack anytime soon.  New paint also meant we needed new throw blankets, throw pillows, drapes, the works.  I don't want to rush into buying any of that.  Taking it slow ensures we keep a back-savings in case we need it should something major happen with the house.  Plus, some things got damaged in the move that now need to be replaced.  And, since we've never had an entryway before, we need entryway furniture.  There's just too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Between Samhain, work and the circle, it was just better to not have one.

That being said, I do think I'm going to have a "We finally stayed in one house for a year" party next year.  That would be quite an achievement and once certainly worth celebrating.


So you'll probably see me in glasses for most of November.  My last contacts bit the big one on Samhain (that's why I was constantly holding my ritual so close to my face).  I plan on getting an eye appointment soon but... I'm just so darn tired.  I'm totally wiped from work and Samhain and everything.  I'll make the phone call as soon as I feel like crawling out from the house other than for work.  But until then, glasses it is.

I also need to get a dentist appointment made.  I haven't seen the dentist since the 2012 house.  We've just had zero time.  My wisdom teeth need to come out.  I had hoped to stave it off, but I'm having some issues with my bottom left one and it's just... time.  I'm sure I need some fillings too.  I haven't taken the best care of my teeth or my body between all of the moving.  So that's also on the list.

As far as ramifications from all the stress, I haven't felt them... yet.  I'm sure it'll happen.  I've mostly spent this week sleeping.  Now that I've had a week off from planning Samhain and circle stuff, and now that work is starting to actually slow down, I plan on getting on top of my health.  This is really the first chance I've had to do it.

Oh, also, my stylist offered me free pink, green and blue hair next week!  I didn't really have a category that could go in, but I promise pictures when it happens.  I'll probably refrain from dyeing my hair all winter beyond this and let it fade out until next spring.  Who knows what I'll do then!

Until next time, witches!


  1. You look cute in glasses! Glad the puppy is ok. So scary when the fur babies are hurt or sick! My two cats just got their shots a few months ago and neither of them was happy about it, but they both got a clean bill of health. Anyway, happy fall! Looking forward to pics of the redecorated home!

  2. October was a blur in my world also. Looks like you guys had a great Samhain celebration though! Here's to November and staying calm despite the craziness of the election, the holidays, and any weather headed our way! <3 Vanessa