Friday, March 25, 2016

Reader Question: Skepticism in Witchcraft

Q.  I'm a new witch and I'm kinda at war with myself. I want to believe in magic and witchcraft but at the same time I doubt that just my intention or imagination can make things happen. I want to practice but I don't see any evidence.  Can you help?


A.  I think a healthy dose of skepticism is always needed when it comes to the Craft.  In fact, I’d consider it a requirement.  That’s how we separate the magic shown in Hollywood from magick in real life and how we don’t end up hurting ourselves by blindly following authors who give us bad advice.  That being said, if it’s putting you “at war” with yourself, it may not be healthy in the long term.

A certain suspension of belief is needed with every religious or metaphysical undertaking.  Consider when Catholics receive communion. Some do believe in transubstantiation - that the wine literally becomes the blood of Christ, that the bread actually becomes the body.  Others see it as representative, but it doesn’t make their experience any less real.  So does a spell for prosperity literally make you wealthy, or does it put you in the right mindset to achieve or seek out money?  That’s up to you to determine.

I would suggest writing down some short-term goals and trying a few quantitative spells.  Be as specific as possible when doing these spells - outline the exact time it should be completed by, the exact quantity if there’s an amount, and be very specific about your wording.  Then take a look at all the factors surrounding your spell.  Are you doing it at the right time of day or the right lunar cycle? Are you performing the spell during a moon’s void of course? Make sure you tip all the scales in your favor as much as possible.  Journal about it and see if your spells come to fruition.  You may find that you simply haven’t been attacking spell work in a way that best works for you.

And, of course, ensure you meet your spell goals with physical world efforts.  If you do a spell to get a job, you can't expect it to work if you never put in an application.  Keep that in mind in all undertakings.

That being said, if you truly can’t see value in witchcraft, it is okay to change your beliefs or leave witchcraft entirely.  You certainly shouldn’t feel trapped in it if it doesn’t work for you.

Whatever you choose, best of luck to you!

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