Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Patreon: A New Way to Support Witchy Words!

I want to start with this: You are under no obligation to become a patron of Witchy Words. The blog content here will not decrease or be limited by the fact that I have a Patreon account, and I will not spam-post about my Patreon.  Patreon is simply a way to support your favorite creators if you decide that's something you want to do.  It is a way of helping me help you by bringing you more and better content.

Why Patreon?

I debated with myself extensively as to the ethics of getting a Patreon account for a religious blog.  I certainly did not want to make my readers feel alienated or obligated to contribute. Ultimately, I decided it was in the best interest for my readers.

When I started this blog back in 2012, I was simply following my growth on my path as a witch.  Then something amazing happen: Witchy Words exploded!  To this day, my jaw drops when I see my protection sachet with 10,000 likes on Facebook, or my rune chain with over 10k shares on Tumblr. I never imagined that this blog would become what it is today.  What started out as a simple personal journal turned into something so much more - a chance to reach out and connect with pagans, Wiccans and witches worldwide, to truly help and give.  

I want to give more.

For a long while now, I've wanted to provide more and better content for Witchy Words.  I set up a schedule, obtained a plethora of books and scavenged far and wide for a new altar.  The problem is that my job is extensively overwhelming.  I'm often plugging in 80 hours there before coming to my blog.

I'm coming to a crux in my life where I may want to switch careers, or at least find some kind of balance, and blogging here at Witchy Words is my heart and soul. My husband, a long time supporter of my religious endeavors, has been suggesting Patreon for quite some time.  He notes how much time and effort I put into Witchy Words, and how happy this blog and its readers - that's you! - make me.  Between brainstorming, conception, drafting, writing, timing, photographing, editing and more, I spend an immense amount of time volunteering my work to the witchcraft community. I do it because I love it, because it brings me joy and because I truly want to help within the best of my capabilities. This past month, my health dipped from stress at my job and I decided it may be time to pursue this Patreon thing further.  I honestly feel like I'm doing more for the world as a blogger than I am an artist. And if Patreon can help me help you, then perhaps it's worth a go.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is not a beg for money or a one-time business starter.  Patreon is a way to support your favorite creators so that they can continue to bring you content.  Patrons can pledge as low as $1 a month, a recurring tiny cost to give back to someone like me, who's volunteering an immense amount of time to bring you the best of my community and my beliefs that I can give.  Every little bit goes a long way!

What do I get in return?

Aside from supporting your favorite creators, Patreon offers a reward system based on how much you pledge.  Even something as simple as $1 a month gets you access to my patron-only feed.  While I'm ensuring that the content you've always loved and gotten for free will always be available on Witchy Words, my patron-only feed will offer some quick videos, sneak peeks of pictures and posts I'm working on, photos I like but were thrown for articles, and more.  Think of the Patreon feed as a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into Witchy Words.

The scale after the $1 pledge goes something like this:
$3 - Patreon-only feed plus your name added to my circle's full moon blessing every month.
$5 - The feed, the blessing and a high resolution image for your desktop every month.
$10 - All of the previous, plus the ability to suggest a topic every month.
$15 - All of the previous, plus a single rune draw for your question every month!
$20 - All of the previous, plus that single rune draw is upgraded to a three rune or three oracle card spread for your question every month!
$30 - All of the previous, plus access to a $30+ tier weekly chat session with Marietta and your fellow Witchy Words $30+ supporters.
$50 - All of the previous, plus a guaranteed blog entry with photos answering one of your questions or topics every month!
$55 - All of the previous, plus you choose the discussion topic or question for a special Patreon-only discussion video with my circle!

Of course, I've just started my Patreon, so if there's something you'd like, I'd be more than happy to make a tier for it!  Suggest away in the comments below!

Okay, that's great, but what about Witchy Words? How does this help?

Beyond giving me more time to actually produce content, I can set up monthly goals so that you can actively see where your money is going.  This upcoming April, if we could get to just a pledged $50 a month total between all patrons, Witchy Words can go ad-free!  No more Google ad block on the right panel, or strip ads in between articles or near the comment section.  That's pretty sweet, right?

The next goal is a little loftier: $200 pledged between all patrons (not just one!) gets me the opportunity to buy the only piece of furniture my house is missing: An altar.  The only thing that will fit in my front room is a hallway table, but I've been woefully unable to find something at thrift stores - even if I had to paint it.  I'm not crafty myself, and hallway tables in stores run about $150.  I haven't been able to bring you guys altar pictures since we moved out of the Witchy Cottage and money's been tight since those moves.  While getting an altar is high on my Witchy Words to-do list, life has had to come first.  But if patrons could pledge a solid $200 for April, that covers not only ad removal, but purchasing an altar so I can return to sabbat and tea altars once again!

I don't know if I expect to even reach my ad-free goal, so I've stopped there for now.  If my Patreon campaign (miraculously) nears $200 a month, I will re-evaluate then!  There are more things I would love to bring to Witchy Words, such as a better camera, better editing software, more spell work for the spell book, adding pages to my grimoire (which has been woefully neglected thanks to work), giveaways and more.  I have ideas and plans, but you guys can help me achieve them so I can share them with you!

There is a number that I have in mind that would allow me to quit a portion of my job and dedicate far more time to Witchy Words - to essentially part time between my current full-time job and blogging. I won't be announcing that number publicly unless I think it's attainable.

That being said, even if I don't reach my ad-free goal, I appreciate every dollar pledged.  It honestly means the world to me that anyone believes this blog is worthwhile enough to pledge a monthly amount.  I'm in total awe and complete shock that I already have three Patrons as it is.  So, if you decide to pledge a monthly amount, I want you to know that, from the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful!

I came to Witchy Words because it's free. I really can't pay.

And that's okay!  Witchy Words will always be free and will always produce the same content you've seen for years at a rate which I can afford to do so.  There is absolutely no need to become a patron.  No buts or unlesses.  I'm just glad you're here and you're reading!  That means the world to me.

If you can't become a patron but you truly like Witchy Words and want to help, sharing is the next-best thing.  So if you have a moment, give this blog entry or my Patreon a share to your favorite social media site and spread the word.  Sharing is absolutely just as important as pledges, and I truly appreciate it!

So, you're not going to be one of those blogs that pushes Patreon in my face, are you?

No.  Never.  I was really concerned about starting one in the first place.

This article will be the only article made about my Patreon unless it reaches higher levels which means more content for Witchy Words where I need to make an announcement!  I will only ever post strictly about Patreon again if it's giving you more and better content.  I will never push it.

You may see the occasional non-distracting text link in a relevant article (such as a personal update).  I will be adding a Patreon button to my right panel.  But that's it.  This is the last time I will talk about Patreon only.

And even then, I want to emphasize one final time that you are under no obligation to pledge anything, or share the Patreon.  If you don't agree with my choice to get one, I completely understand.  For the better part, this is the last time you should expect to hear about it!

Actually, I might want to become a patron.  What was that link again?

Thank you so much guys! Whether you pledge, or share, or neither, I truly appreciate your readership.  You have made Witchy Words everything it is today. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Wow, you are already at the first goal, I see!

    1. Surpassed it this week! I can't believe it raised as much as it has. Thank you so much!