Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 2016 Personal Update: Work, New Car

I found this old photo on my phone of my dog Artemis and I thought it'd be a poignant way to open up this entry.  February is usually a fairly stagnant month.  When I was digging through photos and events to figure out what to update with, I didn't find much, so this should prove to be fairly quick.

I went to a company party for one of my agencies in February and caught up with some caricaturing colleagues.  Not much to say other than it was pretty darn fun.  As a caricature artist, you don't really get to socialize with your coworkers very often.  Either you're all working at an event and don't talk with each other as you're engaging the guests and clients, or you're working an event by yourself.  That's the sum of it.  So company parties, if I can drag the other artists with me, can be pretty enjoyable.

Work's been going well.  Not a whole lot to update there.  I've been mostly working on commissions.  Gig season will kick in later this month, so I'm prepping to be endlessly busy soon.

I said goodbye to my first car this past month.  Mostly, I was offered an opportunity to upgrade and took it, but Cerulea was starting to have her issues.  Both the timing belt and a wheel bearing was going out, plus I've been perpetually unable to keep AC running in her.  The AC is a bigger issue than you might think at 115F in the summer and driving four hours to a work event where I have to look "business formal."   So you know, there's that.  I didn't think this would be a big deal to me but, as my husband and I pulled away and left her in that public auction field, I teared up a bit.  She and I have been through a lot together.  Long eight hour drives to see friends and four hour drives at 4 am back home from after proms.  I brought home Artie in her.  I drove away from my wedding in her.  I drove away from my graduation in her.  That's a history I can't forget.  But she's no longer mine now.

Have a good life, Cerulea.

The "new" car handles well and has no major problems - at least yet anyway.  It's only a few years younger than Cerulea, but I'm hoping this car will push me through until we're in a position to buy an actual new car.  I mean, I guess we could have swung it this year but it would have been a financial squeeze, especially after those two moves last year from which we're still recuperating.  All of that being said, I do appreciate the ability to use AC as KC started warming up early this year.  Plus, there's no endless squealing sounds.  Artie likes the fact that the new car doesn't have leather seats, so he's not sliding everywhere.

Speaking of my pooch, he finally got his groom on this past month.  In fact, the picture in the new car above was on our way to the groomers.  I also finally got my nails done for the first time in months, so we're both feeling pretty fresh!

And the nail polish is color changing.  Oohs and ahs all around.

Stalker dog is stalking.

Other than that, the pets are doing well, the husband and house are great, and things are chugging along as usual.  I'm battling a bit of a stomach thing again; I don't know if it's my condition or food poisoning or what, but I see very little point in going to the doctor after December's bout and outcome.  I'm just going to wait it out and see how it goes.  And that's about the some of it!

Boring update is boring?  Probably.  But there it is!  I have some great articles planned for this month, including some reviews and, of course, all the Spring Equinox posts.  The book list is still on its way.  More good stuff coming, so stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the new car! Here's to as many happy memories as you had with Cerulea....have you named the new one?

    1. Not yet. I don't know that I will necessarily unless something magically pops into my head. I had Cerulea for over a decade. I probably won't have this car for longer than a few years unless it really does well because it's only a few years younger than my old car.

  2. My Husband and I must have a thing about naming cars - we even name ones that we're only renting for a week! Our current one is called Erygg. The mechanic said we should get a good 10 years out of it. I hope he was right.

    1. Here's hoping! Good luck to you and Erygg!

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