Sunday, March 27, 2016

Call for Suggestions, Questions and Topics!

As we proceed forward into this new Witchy Words phase what with the Patreon steadily raising new funds, I thought I'd be candid about some plans I had an ask for suggestions from you!  I have a slew of plans and articles I've been working on, but I also want to know what you guys think.  My readers are incredibly important to me; your input means the world!

Topics & Questions

Currently drafted articles:
Circle: Basic Ritual Etiquette
Familiars: The Pros and Cons of Domestic Familiarship
Review: Blacktorn Hoodoo Blends Tea Review
Guest Article: Andrea's Personal experiences with Egyptian gods and beliefs

Circle: How we assign and manage rituals
Personal Update

Articles I have vague plans or titles for and need to write out include:
Review: product reviews
Beginner: Update of my Library and Recommended Reading - This one keeps getting put off because I'd like to add my personal reviews of each book but, as my library grows and my work refuses to let up, that becomes a longer and longer process.  If you guys are more okay with a list, I can get that out a lot faster, but I'm sure you could find a list of books just about anywhere.
Familiars: Making a Pact - I don't want to use photos of anything I used in my pact with my own familiars, so I'm going to have to set aside a day and take some staged photos to give you an idea.
Familiars: The Domestic Familiar and Ritual - Mostly a list of dos and don'ts I have packed in my head.  Obviously comes after making a pact.

Some various topics I'm currently studying:
I'm hoping to feel confident enough to offer some topics on basic spirit work in the near future.  I also would like to gain focus on cottage witchery and update the household tag from that.

Some topics that are currently on hold:
Altars.  I can't tell you guys how much I want to return to doing altars, but things have been very up in the air since the two moves.  The only space we have in the house for an altar fits something longer and narrower than the altar I originally had.  It would be something more like a hallway table, but hallway tables don't exactly end up in thrift stores very often and they're pretty expensive straight from the store.  I wish I could say I was craftier and could show you interesting placements for altars, but our house doesn't have many.  I'm kind of looking at this one, this one, this one or this one because they would best match our furniture, but it's going to be a while before I can afford to tackle that.

I'm all ears for more suggestions of topics I can cover based on the common interests of my blog.  I'm happy to give you any information you want to know as long as it's within the realm of my expertise or personal experience!  If you have a topic suggestion, feel free to post it below!


I'm actively working on a new banner for Witchy Words (the above is a sketch), as well as updating some various sections.  I may be removing the Mundane Living tab in favor of a Circle tab.  This doesn't mean I won't be writing about my mundane life.  It just means that I may be removing the tab. You'd still be able to find mundane posts under a tag.  That being said, I've been writing a lot about my circle, but the information really has no permanent place to go at this point.  I'd like to update all of the tabs to be more informational up front rather than being just a list of links.  It's something I'm planning to work on when I can get a day off!

I've been attempting to generate some kind of posting schedule for Witchy Words as well.  For the past three months, I've been playing with different days to see what days seem to work best, as well as ensuring at least two confirmed articles a month two weeks apart.  Next month, I add in an additional confirmed posting day, which ups it to three times a month.  I realize that's far less than my typical posting schedule as I've obviously still been posting around that.  That being said, the idea is to gain some stability so that you can expect articles on certain days eventually.  My goal is to post twice a week every week by the year.  The catch is generating enough content and having enough time.  I have ideas to attend more community-oriented events and report back with those, but that's where the topic suggestions from above come in handy.

Of course, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on site features, categories and more that you'd like to see on Witchy Words!  Again, if you have any ideas, please comment below!

Thank you so much everyone!  Here's to making Witchy Words the best it can be with feedback from readers like you.


  1. Hello! I like reading everything you post, but I'm especially interested in the book reviews and the runecasting & rune studies. Thank you!
    xx Katie.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Katie! I appreciate it!

  2. I really like your updated banner. It shows your progression and current place. As much as I love your original, this one shows your evolution and the progression that's led you there.
    I liked your Mundane Living articles too but I understand that you have a lot of material for your circle, (which is great!) But it's nice to have a reference for everyday ways to include our beliefs also.
    (i.e. not everyone has a circle, I am mostly solitary, but meet with a group. But we do not have a defined circle like yours)

    I think a book list would be good and you could review books as you read them or have the time to post a review,etc. You are a Virgo like me, and we like to have all our details out and organized. But this way your readers could at least see what books are in your library, and then you aren't going batty trying to review an extensive library. My non-magical library is large and my magical one only seems to grow and grow.

    All and all, I like how informative your blog is, it has really become a strong reference point for me in my journey. Try to have some variety and not become TOO boxed in, and keep sprinkling some fun personal updates too. It helps people connect with you as a person,even if it is online <3
    Blessed be!

    1. I think I may have not explained what I meant when I said I was thinking of removing the "Mundane" tab. I'll still be talking about my life and posting monthly updates! I just won't be compiling them into a certain section. I'll be tagging the personal updates, so you could still use the tags to go through and read them all if you wanted to. They're not going away - just the tab.

      I think I like the idea of doing individual reviews. I can keep a list and post links to each review as I get them done. It sounds like a much more pleasant way of going about it. I appreciate the idea!

      Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I truly appreciate it. It's helped immensely!

  3. I am fairly new to your blog but I think the Mundane sections should stay. I personally prefer a blog or site to be about the subject and the persons life in how it relates to that subject. Nothing is more boring than just reading on and on and about a subject and not hearing anything personal.

    I would like to see a altar section maybe it doesn't have to be your altar but maybe ways to arrange your altar. My altar changes places depending on how I feel and the season. It's been a temp one at the beach, out on my balcony or tucked in my bedroom or a traveling altar for when I leave home. Including your circle might be a good idea but would that require their acknowledgement/permission for you to do so as not all people are keen on being mentioned on a website or blog. I am solitary so I have no connection to a circle nor care to as it was one of the biggest reason I left the Catholic Church. Being part of a group doesn't appeal to me.

    1. I need to go back in and edit this entry, because I think I may have missed an important point to removing the Mundane tab! I'm not refraining from personal updates or posting about my mundane life; I'm just looking at removing the tab about it. All personal updates will be tagged, so you'd be able to go through them using the tag system. I just wouldn't have a specific tab for them.

      All of my altars can be found in their respective areas - Sabbat Altars are under Sabbat, esbat altars under Esbat, household altars under Household. I don't know that I'd be able to write on how to set up your altar because there's no one way to approach that subject and even I set up my altar based on what I think looks nice and corresponds with my goal. I don't have any formal structure. I could see what I can write about it, but the bottom line would pretty much be "Do whatever you want." That being said, if I remove the Mundane Living tab, I may be able to add in both a Circle and Altars tab depending on how much room they take up.

      I've been writing about my circle since it's formation - My circlemates have actually become the main focus of my blog over the course of two years. All of our sabbats are photographed and posted, I have introductions to the members, the members are writing guest articles and, in recent months, I've been openly talking about our structure. As far as permission goes, I think I've long-since gotten that after two years. It's just hard to find all of that information given the current system. That's why I'm thinking a circle tab would be an ideal addition.

      I do understand that you find group work unappealing, but I think that's one of the appeals of my blog for others. And I have to keep all of my readers in mind.

      Thank you for your feedback though! I certainly appreciate it!

  4. Love the new banner concept!!

    Just a thought, if you're particular blog layout allows, you could potentially use your "household" tab as a drop down menu that would have a "mundane" option. No idea if this would work for you but if you decided you wanted the option it might be something to look into :)

    Either way, I find the whole blog incredibly useful, informative, and just plain fun, no matter which way you decide to structure it!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately, the layout doesn't allow for it. I could probably code it in, but my coding's rusty too. I don't necessarily see mundane as being a part of the household witchcraft I do - they seem separate to me. Overall, I'm not too worried about removing the Mundane tab. If anyone wants to go through my personal updates, they'll still have the availability to do so. It just won't be something on the top row. Thank you for your comment, though! I truly appreciate it and the kind words you've left me!

  5. Hello.

    I am currently working on my room when I started to arrange my space where I keep my Pagan items. My tarot cards told me that they have something to say, but need to figure out which spread to use. I was wondering if perhaps this might make for an interesting topic?

    1. Thank you for your topic suggestion! Unfortunately, I don't really work with tarot. That question may be better suited for someone who focuses more on divination. Best of luck to you though!