Thursday, January 14, 2016

Meet Circle of Fountains!

Circle of Fountains is a non-denominational circle of witches and pagans that focuses on celebrating the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the moon in a positive, practical and transparent way.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, it was began by Witchy Words author Marietta on Ostara 2014 and grew into a family of loving, caring individuals striving for deeper spiritual connection.  Previously on Witchy Words, you've had the chance to see the sabbat rituals and meet a few of the members through personal articles.  However, take a moment to meet the circle in full as its membership currently stands for 2016!

All members are listed by membership type first, then in order of date joined.

Primary Members
Primary members are the core of Circle of Fountains.  In exchange for equal say in how the circle functions and voting rights, Primaries must write and lead one sabbat ritual and contribute one responsibility to the group, such as coordinating potlucks, up-keeping the group BOS, keeping track of shareable inventory, taking notes at meetings and more.  Primaries also equally share in the responsibility of teaching Novice members during esbats.

Circle Coordinator
Name: Marietta
Age: 28
Path: Nontheistic Witch
Strengths: Rituals, shadow work, spirits, familiars, altars, house witchery.
Who I am: I'm a caricaturist and small business owner who is practical and driven in all that I do.

Circle Advocate
Name: Phaedra
Age: 37
Path: Earth-based Kitchen Witch
Strengths: Household family magick, herbal everyday magick, healing.
Who I am: The heart of our family, I'm a stay at home mom of three teaching my children to choose their own path.

Circle Archivist
Name: Laura
Age: 31
Path: Pagan
Strengths: Energy play, BOS, grimoire building, learner.
Who I am: I'm an empathic Yule baby who harnesses energy for others.

Circle Record Keeper
Name: Andrea
Age: 34
Path: Pagan
Strengths: Pendulum, energy work, ancient Egyptian gods, research.
Who I am: I'm a self-described lazy pagan drawn to Bast who loves to learn.

Circle Stenographer
Name: Abby
Age: 33
Path: Hereditary Witch
Strengths: Divination, mythology, intuitive work, healing, research.
Who I am: I'm a healer going back to school to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Circle Publicist
Name: Amy
Age: 36
Path: Eclectic Wiccan
Strengths: Music, chakras, spirits and spiritual cleansing.
Who I am: I'm a nerdy actress and singer.

Guest Members
Guest members are welcome to attend sabbat and esbat rituals along with other CF events as they see fit.  While they may not be part of the core group, they are valued members whose opinions are still weighed heavily and taken into consideration.

Guest Member
Name: Emily
Age: 35
Path: Eclectic Witch
Strengths: Tarot, kitchen witchcraft, deities, spellwork and ritual writing.
Who I am: I'm a creative, practical and geeky baker who loves food, coffee and art.
Guest Member
Name: Kolika
Age: 29
Path: Wiccan
Strengths: Tarot and pendulum, meditation, energy work, kitchen witchery.
Who I am: I'm a gregarious, empathetic chef and dog-mom.

Associate Members
Associate members are long term live-in significant others of Primary Members who are welcome to attend all events, eat at potlucks and participate in ritual if they feel so compelled.  While I've listed the two in most regular attendance here, we have a few more who come once or twice a year on the big sabbats.

Associate Member
Significant Other of: Marietta
Name: Aaron
Age: 28
Path: Catholic/Methodist
Strengths: Photographing all CF rituals, preparing the proteins.
Who I am: Geeky IT Coordinator and husband who does my best to support my family and friends.

Associate Member
Significant Other of: Phaedra
Name: Larry
Age: 37
Path: Christian Taoist
Strengths: Ritual prep, observation, grounding and shielding.
Who I am: Practical, introverted and, despite the aforementioned, a lover.

Novices are those interested in learning from members of various paths to find their own.  The Novice position is student-based, not teacher-based, in that the Novices choose what topics they want to learn about and what direction they want to go with their studies rather than following a previously-set lesson plan to learn a set tradition.  The Novice position is non-initiatory, meaning Novices do not become CF Guest Members after a given time of studies. Novices can choose to leave the circle at any time or request Guest Membership when they feel they are ready.  CF takes only two Novices at a time to give full attention to the students.  For the sake of privacy, we are keeping Novice names, ages and pictures off the listing.

Path: Potentially Eclectic Wiccan.
Strengths: Connecting with deity.
Who I am: Still in the broom closet.

Who I am: 

Who I am: 

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  1. Great to see the names and interests behind the group pictures. I so resonate with Andrea and Laura :) You all are beautiful souls!

    1. Thank you so much! Each Primary member will be writing their own article about something of their particular interests this year. I'm incredibly excited to be introducing them here in a variety of ways! They're all so incredibly amazing and important to me.

    2. Can't wait to read this :)!!

  2. Nice to get to know you all a little better--and welcome to the novices! (I'm new to all this too.) I'm looking forward to reading your articles!

    1. Thank you so much! The first one should be coming up later this month. I scheduled the circle for one article a month sans March and September. I'm excited to see what they write as well!

  3. Long time reader so it is nice to put some names to faces. We have an active pagan community here in Eastern Washington for which I am grateful to be a part of. Your pictures shine with such love and energy, it makes me wish I was in the KC area! Brightest Blessings!