Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter Wonderland Housewarming 2015

On October 2nd, my husband and I moved unexpectedly for the second time this year to our new home. Because it's located on a street called "Crescent," we lovingly dubbed our new rental home Terra Luna. Since moving, we've had both Samhain and our after hours Halloween party. We then battened the hatches for our main event of the year: Our housewarming party!

This post is purely going to cover the events of the housewarming party so as to not overload your browsers with pictures. I'll be posting pictures of our new home fully furnished in a couple of days, but you can get glimpses of it in this article!

Our housewarming party was amazing! To make things easy, since it is close to the solstice, we themed our party "Winter Wonderland" and utilized our holiday decorations for the festivities. Nearly all of our activities centered around Yule, including:

Gift ornaments with our new address attached.

Guess the number of ornaments on the tree.  Even we didn't know how many ornaments there were until the next day: A total of 70. Our new circlemate Abby came the closest with 69 ornaments.

An Ugly Sweater contest. Congrats to Laura (above) for winning that one!

And holiday themed photo props on a stick for everyone to take photos with!

The only non-holiday themed activity was our "guest book," which was a giant gold crescent moon. We plan on hanging this in a centralized location of our house once holiday decorations come down!

Overall, we had over 40 amazing, smiling faces show to our party, including the majority of Circle of Fountains primary members (one member had to work) and much of the local pagan community!

The party started at 3 pm and the last guests left after midnight. This means that both attendance and length both well out beat our last housewarming party! Of course, that's not the essential part though. The best part was spending the evening with the amazing friends I've made over the past few years. We've all grown really close, from my inner most primary members of my circle to the people I just met in the community a few months ago. I've finally found my chosen family, where I truly belong. Everyone's been so amazing, and I love you all!

Coming up next:
Terra Luna furnished and decorated for Yule!


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Great ideas, which I may have to borrow when I have my own place and can actually host a housewarming.

    1. Go right ahead! This is the first time we've done a housewarming that coincided with a holiday. Honestly, it made things a lot easier in the long run!

  2. Looks like a bundle of fun! But I also have a small suggestion for something else I couldn't seem to reply on, about you're health issues, maybe you should try doing a healing rain ritual? It's worked for me and my family for years in our greatest times of need. Just a suggestion^^ (If you are interested I'd be happy to tell you how c:)

    1. I appreciate the suggestion but, unfortunately, nothing spiritual or metaphysical is going to help me with my chronic illness. I leave that stuff to medication, therapy and the doctors. I have some pretty good ones! But thank you anyway!