Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Negativity / Bad Luck / Curse Absorbing Decoy Poppet!

Recently, my little family has stumbled upon some rough luck.  Between my husband's health, our having to move, all of us coming down sick with different ailments and then the basement flooding before it was packed, I thought it was time to do something about it.  If you feel like you've had a string of bad luck and negativity or, heavens forbid, have been cursed, a decoy poppet is one way to redirect some of that bad energy away from you!

While this is a project that requires sewing, you don't need to be particularly good at sewing to be successful at creating a poppet.  I am definitely not good at sewing, but mine still works just fine!

I'm not going to lie: I pretty much winged this poppet and everything worked out as needed.  Here's what I did!

You're going to need some items for this, including...

Some of this is exchangeable.  For example, instead of hair, you could also use toenail or fingernail clippings, or a small piece of cloth with your spit or blood on it.  Whatever links your DNA to the poppet will work!

Keep in mind that, since you are physically linked with the poppet, you'll want it well protected.  You'll need something with an opening, but you also might choose a container that you can cover if it needs to be moved.  I chose a jar because we're also in the process of moving.  Having a lid will come in handy on moving day.

Also remember that sewing small objects is pretty darn hard, especially if you're not adept at sewing like me.  So choose a glass container that will hold a poppet big enough that you're not stabbing your fingers every five seconds as you sew it up.  It also needs to be big enough to hold your hair (or other such bodily item) and a magnet.  All of this will be explained later in the article.

Your first step is to use the cardboard or card stock to create a template for your poppet:

To make sure my poppet would fit inside the jar, I folded the cardboard in half and then marked about a half of a centimeter inward from where the edges were.  I also made the template about an inch or two shorter than the jar to ensure the poppet wouldn't be too tall.  I didn't do anything particularly precise.  I just visually gauged where the poppet needed to be and everything worked out.

Next, I cut a piece of the fabric large enough to make two of my template.  I folded that in half, and then folded it again.  I used the template as a "taco" on the folded fabric to cut out two identical pieces!  You'll notice that I cut my poppet a little larger than my template as I knew it should shrink in size with some of the things I wanted to do.  If you're not certain of what you're doing, I would stick with the template's size just in case.

There are so many ways you could stitch your poppet together.  You could start sewing inside out, as seen above.  If you do that, you can flip the poppet right side in so that the seam is inside your poppet if you like.  I chose instead to have the seam showing because I often wear my heart on my sleeve and am very public about everything - flaws and all.

While I started sewing at the head because I wanted the last opening to be the poppet's right hand, I would highly suggest starting at the top of one arm, sewing around the legs and ending at the top of the other arm, leaving your poppet's head open.  This will give you much more room to work with.

Also, a reminder that the poppet doesn't have to be perfect.  If it's a little scrappy or asymmetrical, that's okay!  If the stitches aren't perfectly spaced or you can see the starting and ending knots, that's totally fine.  No one's perfect and your poppet is no exception.  Allow it to have beauty and flaws!

As you sew your poppet, think about all the things that make you you: Your interests and hobbies, your career, the people you surround yourself with and important life events.  Your poppet right now shouldn't be purely the bad things that are going on in your life.  You're just trying to make the poppet be a decoy version of yourself.

If you start at one arm, work your way around the legs and end at the top of the other arm, you'll have an opening in the head for any kind of stuffing you might like to do.  I had to stop early on my sewing because of how I created my poppet and stuff it as I went.  I made the decision to end on the right hand because I'm right handed, but it truly would be easier to work with the opening in the head.

Also, at some point, I decided my poppet needed green button eyes because I have green eyes and that would connect it more to me.  Again, my poppet was created on a whim, so I was kind of making it up as I go.  While the eyes are slightly derpy, I love how it looks!

Once you have your final opening left, you're ready to put in your hair and your magnet!  I chose a pink marker board magnet because my favorite color is pink, and I was sure to include hair that was from both the red and blonde parts.

Make sure the hair and magnet are in the middle of your poppet as best as you can place them.  The hair will link the poppet to you. The magnet will draw all of that bad luck and negativity away from you and to the poppet decoy!

Finish it off by adding a little more stuffing if you plan to do so and sewing up the last part of your poppet.  You might even charge the poppet to attract all the negative things away from you.  Tada!  You have a poppet decoy.  But just having a decoy isn't quite enough.  All that negativity needs to be nullified.

This is where your glass item with the opening and salt comes into play.  Pour a significant amount of salt in the bottom of your glass item and place the decoy poppet's feet into the salt.  It's important that your hair and magnet are in the center or top of your poppet because you don't want to bury those pieces in the salt.  You want them to stick up like an antenna, attracting all the bad luck and negativity.  Then, your poppet will take all of that nasty stuff and ground it into the salt where it is nullified.

This protective, charged little poppet is happy to help you with all of your negativity needs!  Just keep in mind that, like all protective spell work, your poppet will need some upkeep from time to time.  Make sure the salt is regularly refreshed and fix any stitches that might pop as your poppet gets overloaded.  Some offerings might help keep your little guy or gal happy as well.  What would you offer to a decoy poppet?  Anything you yourself would like!  For me, lavender's my absolute favorite, so little sprinkles of lavender every now and then should keep my poppet happy and calm.

And eventually, your little guy will probably come apart or need to be completely redone. Or perhaps you'll tire of him.  Ensure that he's made from biodegradable items and bury him to end the poppet spell once and for all.


  1. I really like the idea of the hair and magnet drawing in the negative energy and have the poppet ground it into the salt. I never would have thought of that! How regularly would you say the salt needs to be changed out? Or would letting it sit in sunlight help disintegrate the bad energies? I really hope this helps, especially with the move coming up soon. Good luck!

    1. I'd say if something bad happens to you, you need to change the salt and tend to your little poppet ASAP. Otherwise, just keep an eye on the salt and see if it's clumping or seems visually dirty or moved around. Also keep an eye on your poppet. If a seam pops or an eye falls off, it's a sign that your poppet's carrying around too much bad stuff and it's not being nullified. If you're truly concerned, every couple of weeks to a month would be what I would probably consider "often." Sunlight would definitely help.

      Thank you so much! Here's hoping!

  2. Such a cute and wonderful idea! Bookmarking this right away, thank you for the post 😁. Blessings x

  3. Great idea! totally doing this next time I feel any negativity happen!

  4. hey there! this would be my first foray into poppet use. Will I have to keep it safe for ever? Am I able to use it for other poppet stuff? If I ever want to dispose of it, what do I do?
    Thank you so much for this post and your blog!

    1. It's important to make your poppet out of natural items that will decompose over time. Eventually, your poppet will become overloaded and will, in some way or another, self-destruct. It happens. When it becomes irreparable, you can bury your poppet to nullify it and create another.

      You can create poppets for other reasons, but the tutorial above is only for decoys.

      Thank you!

    2. How do you "supercharge" your decoy to attract a lot of the bad energy towards it? (I am very new to this, and am just learning)
      With offerings, do you just set the offering in the jar, or near the jar?
      Thank you!

  5. can you create this and offer it as a gift to someone who is wanting to rid themselves of the negative?