Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Relationship Goals

Last year, I tried to focus on my relationship with my friends and it backfired.  This year, I'd like to focus on my relationship with my husband.  We've certainly never had a rocky one, the word divorce has never come up and we've been incredibly steady the 10-and-a-half years we've been together.  A lot of people have mentioned that he and I have the "perfect relationship," and I take a great deal of pride in the fact that we're still the power couple we've always been.  However, I also sometimes feel like I put him on the back burner for other aspects of my life.  That's completely unfair to him.  So it's my turn to give him some attention.

Here's the chart:

Obviously, I'm very satisfied with our relationship.  The minimum amount of blocks I'll give any area is two, so it might as well read 100%.  However, as I previously mentioned, there are some things I could do to improve our "perfect" marriage.

From last year's pentacle chart, we did go out of our way to celebrate 10 years together in May, and moved on our 6th anniversary.  Not maybe as celebratory as I'd have liked, but it was incredibly important.  At least it was the first night in our new home!  But there are definitely two things I could do to improve our relationship.

One Date Night per Month

This is a goal from both 2013 and 2014, but we only hit it about half the time.  Sometimes it was financial, sometimes my job was overbearing and sometimes his job was the issue.  But surely, this year, we could find just one night a month we could spend with each other.  In order to compile the official list of date nights, we thought about things that were financially attainable.  We tried to keep most of our goals under $50, with the exception of a few.  None of them were over $100.  We included a variety of "free" date nights as well, but added in some dates that cost for nostalgia or seasonal reasons.  Here's the official list:

Weekly Walks

The way mine and Aaron's life works, we don't always have a lot of time for each other.  He works Monday through Friday, but his job has him there for 12-14 hours a day and getting calls all throughout the night.  My job's most common hours are evenings, Fridays and weekends, which means we're often ships passing in the night.  Eating dinner together usually means stuffing our faces as fast as we can in order to get to the next project.  If we tried to get dinner together daily, or even weekly, it would almost have to be fast food.  With my diet, that's a no.  And breakfast?  Aaron has to be at work at 6:30 am, which means he's up at 5.  Sometimes, because he's gotten a call, he's up and out even earlier than that.  I've been getting up early, but I don't think I'm quite ready for 5 am.

But there is one thing we can guarantee: The dog will need a walk every day.  And our dog, Artie, is definitely ours.  We share all the responsibilities he entails.  Sometimes I take him to the groomer, and sometimes Aaron does.  Sometimes I'm getting his yearly shots and sometimes that's Aaron.  As far as walking's concerned, we have him on a strict schedule of 7 am, 3 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm, so it really just depends on who's available when.  Walking him is definitely a shared responsibility.

As long as we can grab one of those walks together a week, I'll be satisfied.  It'll give us a chance to catch up about our day (or sometimes our week), as well as fulfill a little much needed exercise.  Plus, we have four chances a day.  And if we really can't find one of those four over seven days, nothing's stopping us from walking him at a non-scheduled time.  It's much more flexible for our lifestyle!

Tracking Relationship Goals

In order to keep track of my goals, I will be posting up a list of them with some details about my progress and percentages of where I'm at from time to time.  Every month, I'll look at my progress for that month.  On the side column of my blog, I'll be keeping a yearly track of them.  The percentages will be based on the concise plan I develop at the beginning of the month to complete the goal.  Here is the template for my relationship goals!

Relationship Goals - 0% Complete for the month.
(Pictures and some notes on this month's progress)

One date night. – 0% complete
Weekly walks. – 0% complete.

Coming up:
2015 Spiritual Goals

To my audience:
What are your relationship goals for 2015?


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