Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Home Goals

In 2014, I resolved to simplify the home, and simplify I did!  Organization was key.  I went through the spiritual room closet and recreated an organization system for it:

I completely reorganized our bathroom:


And I did away with over half of our storage:

But then we moved.

Not that I regret moving.  In fact, I can't imagine what life would have been like had we stayed.  The apartment we lived in was absolutely terrible.  We started with a month-long leak in the bedroom that sprung over our six-day-old bed and rendered the room unusable.  We had everything from a constant flea problem to a fight in the hallway that ended in raw meat thrown at a door to the only murder in Gladstone occurring in our parking lot.  And why did we even move there in the first place?  Because my best friend did and I wanted to live closer to her, only to have her leave a note on my door ending the friendship just a few months before our lease ended.  Every connection, every reason I had to stay there, was severed.  And thus we moved.  So good riddance to that awful living domicile!

And hello to our 5-bedroom cozy witch's home!

Now that we've moved and I've picked through literally everything I own, I have some things I need to take care of!

Here's the chart:

Because we moved, I felt like the happiness in my household organization dipped just a touch.  Honestly, we're more organized than ever before!  However, during my research last year, I ran across some home organization goals that I definitely want to try.

Of course, some of my financial goals were mixed in with my home goals for the pentacle chart.  We already have a new dining room table, so that's off the list.  And a new wardrobe is the end goal for my weight loss.  But I'm certain I can find three goals here!

Household Systems

One day, while browsing Pinterest (yes, yes I know), I ran across this pin coming from Stacy's Savings:

I looked over wearily at the office closet, home to a tall Tupperware drawer system in which I literally toss every piece of important paper without regard.  And I thought I was organized, pah!  Clearly, there has to be a better solution, and I believe binders are absolutely it.  Her website has only covered a couple of the binder topics with templates, but I think I can finish it out this year with some research!  My goal is to tackle one binder or one major section each month.  Here's the list!

This month's goal is pretty simple: Find the binders I need and figure out how everything will be separated.  And don't worry! I'll be covering each section as I finish it here on Witchy Words.

Organize the Home

Yes, this was a goal last year.  And yes, even though we moved, a lot of our organization came with us.  The bathroom's linen closet is still organized by small labeled Tupperware boxes and spiritual room doesn't even need a closet!  But there are some part of the home that could use some work.  I'll work on one section at a time until it's complete.

Of course, I cut my storage in half last year.  I'd like to do that again this year.  The thing about our storage is that it's mostly memory boxes and things we don't use.  If I'm not going to use it, why do I have it?  I wouldn't mind cutting the memory boxes down to just a few, with one for the wedding and a couple for my childhood, but I really do not need more than that.  So storage makes the list again!

The kitchen cabinets, while organized with plenty of breathing room, could use some work.  Our pots and pans are just piled in the bottom cabinets, and we actually have a "I don't know what to do with this, so stick it here" drawer.  Nope!  Time to fix that.

In the house we're renting, the garage was turned into a fifth room with a storage area.  We use part of that as the area for the litter boxes, but I'd like to section off the other part and create a pantry area.  Particularly if I plan on gardening, I need a place to jar!

I also want to organize all the closets.  The office closet is the worst - it's back to being a pile of stuff shoved into a small space.  But the circle room could use some tidying and, when I lose weight of course, the bedroom closet will need to be sorted.

Here's the list:

Recreate the Bedroom

The final goal for our house this year is to recreate the bedroom.  Admittedly, our bedroom has suffered from "Close the Door" syndrome.  When it's clean, it's still not very pretty.  Because we upgraded from a full-size bed to a California King last year and had to get rid of our bed frame, our bed is just a mattress and box spring on the floor.  Our nightstands are actually my first computer desk sawed in half for the drawer space.  They look pretty awful.  The only piece of new-ish furniture we have is a tall dresser I went out and bought this year.  It's faux oak and the nightstands are faux cherry wood with all sorts of damage.  And the comforter set?  It's a mix of three different sets because we lost a couple good comforters to pet health issues back at the old apartment.

It seriously looks like a homeless person tried and failed to make a bedroom.

In order to make our bedroom more cozy and decorated, my husband and I sat down to sort through some goals.  While Aaron will primarily be taking over most of the work for the bedroom, I'll also be helping here and there.  It helps to split up the chores given how much we've got going into this.

To make matters even harder, after we pay extra money into his student loans, we don't have a lot left over.  Buying a bed frame really isn't something that's possible right now, but it's also the first thing we have to hit.  My husband looked into making a bed frame and found this amazing tutorial about building a bed frame for incredibly cheap using old kitchen cabinets. He thinks it's something he could do, so that's our first step.  I'll be giving him two months to find the materials and a month to create it.

Once it's created, we're going to reevaluate what we want in a nightstand.  We saw some nifty found material nightstands, such as old repainted ladders, that looked amazing.  While we haven't done all of our research on it, we will once we get the bed frame made.  We'll then have two months to find and create nightstands that look better than our current ones.

Once that's done, I'll know how much room we have for a headboard.  I remember seeing all sorts of tutorials for easy faux headboards.  Some were out of foam and others were just curtains, but they all looked awesome.  I'm giving myself two months to find the materials and create a headboard.

We'll then spend a month scouring thrift stores for a nice comforter set.  I'll be looking for everything from the comforter to sheets to throw pillows and blankets.  The minute we buy it, we'll be heading straight to a laundromat to get it washed so we can bring it home.  When I've looked, comforter sets that I saw in stores for $200-$300 were going for $50 at thrift stores, so that will save us considerable money.

The big money we'll be spending on the bedroom will come in September, when we'll be looking for a simple flat screen TV and wall mount.  I always want to watch TV in bed.  As a kid, I used to fall asleep watching movies or shows.  I fall asleep so much faster when I have something distracting my mind, so the past six years of not having a TV in the bedroom have been hard!  Not to mention, our primary flat screen TV in the front room has some issues.  It's great for what we use it for when guests are over, such as movies, laptop use or Chromecast, but the RCA connection has some problems with sound and it has no hookup for old game systems.  We do have a large TV that I typically use for games, but we have absolutely nowhere to put it in our new house, and I don't really want it back in the spiritual room.  Honestly, I want something that I can hook up all of our gaming systems and play while sitting on the bed.  How much fun would that be?  We're looking at maybe $200 or so for that.  And that's the very most we'll be spending on the bedroom for one item!

Because I do want to hook up all of my gaming systems, my husband and I want to build a tall, narrow shelf or a series of wall shelves.  This will serve as shelving for the games.  I'm giving us two months for that.

And finally, in December, once I lost nearly all of my weight, I will be sifting through and organizing the bedroom closet.

I'm in love with our boho front room.  Our kitchen is pretty spectacular.  Heck, even our bathroom has a theme.  It's time that we give our bedroom some love!  By the end of 2015, we'll have a decorated and organized bedroom.

Tracking Home Goals

In order to keep track of my goals, I will be posting up a list of them with some details about my progress and percentages of where I'm at from time to time.  Every month, I'll look at my progress for that month.  On the side column of my blog, I'll be keeping a yearly track of them.  The percentages will be based on the concise plan I develop at the beginning of the month to complete the goal.  Here is the template for my home goals!

Home Goals - 0% Complete for the month.
(Pictures and some notes on this month's progress)

Household system. – 0% complete
Organization. – 0% complete.
Recreate the bedroom. – 0% complete.

Coming up:
2015 Knowledge Goals

To my audience:
What are your home goals for 2015?


  1. You might enjoy flylady.net as a way to organize your home as well. Her plan helps you get your home organized without feeling burnout from it.

    1. I'll definitely check it out! Thank you for the link!

  2. Unfuck Your Habitat is great too. http://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/

    1. I appreciate it. I'll check it out. Fortunately, we're pretty well organized at this point, so I don't feel like I need a heavy regimen. I'm giving myself three months to organize the kitchen cabinets because I don't have much else to do, lol! I mean, my linen closet has Tupperware boxes with labels. :)