Friday, December 12, 2014

Spare Holiday cards? Send them here! 2014 Edition

Today, as I wrapped up the stack of 40-something holiday cards to send to friends and family, I realized I had a few left over.  With a little Google-Fu, I found some wonderful people asking for cards for relatives this year.  Here are a few!

4-Year-Old Alexis Van Bochove
Photo and information courtesy link.
Alexis has a rare form of cancer called DIPG.  Her family recently learned she now has two brain tumors.  Her one wish is for holiday cards.  Her family spends one hour a day reading them to her.  If you'd like to theme the cards, she loves Frozen - particularly Olaf.

Alexis Van Bochove
c/o Flowers by Jan
905 Central Avenue
Hawarden, IA 51023

6-Year-Old Addie Fausett
Addie suffers from diffuse atrophy and this will likely be her last holiday season.  Doctors have said that she will likely be gone mentally before her body gives as her brain is filling with fluid.  She also experienced a sudden loss November 28th when her father passed away.  Addie and her sisters are asking for holiday cards!

Addie and Sisters
PO Box 162
Fountain Green, UT 84632

12-Year-Old Andrew Russell
Andrew has been fighting cancer most of his life.  In 2006, he was diagnosed with ependymoma at just six years old and asked for Christmas cards from around the world.  His family collected over three boxes worth!  However, this year, a new tumor was found in Andrew's brain.  His family is asking for holiday cards again because he loved them so much his first time round.

Andrew Russell
1117 Dove Trail
Quinlan, TX 75474

73-Year-Old Phyllis Tucker
Photo and information courtesy link.
Phyllis is in the final stages of lung cancer while battling a host of other illnesses.  Tylor Westra wants nothing more than his grandmother to have the best Christmas ever.  That's why he's asking for holiday decorations, gifts and cards this year.

Phyllis Tucker
PO Box 115
Comstock, MI 49041

Still have spare cards?
Take them to a hospital near you for ill patients or get in touch with your Red Cross chapter to see if they're supporting soldiers this year.  Keep in mind that the 2013 address for Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes is now defunct and it is up to individual local chapters to decide if they will be participating.

Have a fantastic holiday everyone!

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