Monday, August 25, 2014

Terra Sol Luna Coven's Sun in Virgo Ritual 2014

On Sunday, local coven Terra Sol Luna held a public ritual honoring the sun, particularly as it enters Virgo.  It was attended by around 20 other local Kansas City pagans and was hosted by fellow coven member Lee at her house in south KC.

The weather was incredibly hot and sunny, which was actually perfect for the purpose of the ritual.  Before I took any photos, I asked coven members for permission.  I certainly never want to overstep my boundaries!

The ritual began by first sweeping with a besom widdershins about the circle to remove any unwanted energy.

Purified water and incense were also used around the outside of the circle to protect and cleanse it.

Then the elements were called...

.. and the circle was cast and raised!

By the way, can I just say that Jennifer's wand is absolutely gorgeous?  Because it really, truly is.

We opened the ritual with a short introduction...

... along with readings from coven members about the Sun God and the sun in Virgo.

One of the reasons Terra Sol Luna decided to celebrate the sun, and thus the God, is because they felt the Goddess gets an immense amount of attention in ritual.  Why not the God as well?  Particularly in the midst of Kansas City summer, where the temperatures are starting to enter into the triple digits (Fahrenheit), the sun that gives us abundance and life should be honored.  In addition, the sun just entered Virgo, a sign known for its practicality, problem-solving and organizational skills.  This creates a time to get things done, to take stock of what we do and don't need and to explore what it is we need to do to get our life on track.

The readings were accompanied by lighting the appropriate candles in the center of the circle.

Once we were fully introduced to the meaning of the ritual, sage was used to cleanse us of all negativity and burdens.

This was necessary, because we were then handed a clay protection charm to charge.

The charm itself contained the Elder Futhark rune Algiz on it. Algiz represents an elk, an animal which is strong, powerful and protective.  This rune does just that: protect.  The scrolls the runes were tied around contained a protective chant in which we used to charge our runes with protective power.  We were encouraged to go home and decorate our runes appropriately.

Cakes and ale, served as fruit juice because of children attending the ritual, were then charged and served.

Finally, the elements were released and the circle was then lowered and closed!

After the ritual, there was a potluck barbecue!  Food included grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers along with chips, mac salad, egg salad, baked beans and more.  We talked a bit before coven member and host Lee brought out her gorgeous albino python. I will leave you with pictures of Kaa.  Enjoy!


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