Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Progressive Planner: Relationship Goals

Last year, my only goal was to have Monthly Date Nights with my husband Aaron.  I'd definitely like to repeat that this year as a major goal.  Below, I've created a table of some of the date night ideas.

As for my second goal, I'd like to also like to spend more time with my pets.  While my fuzzy babies are certain not at want for attention, I definitely have weeks where one gets more love than the other three.  I'd like to balance that out.  Each week, I'd like to have one day where I do something special for one of my pets, alternating between the four every four weeks.  Some ideas include letting Zeus hang in my spiritual room all day despite usually keeping the door closed (he's always wanting in there), dropping a ton of catnip on the floor for Hermes, bringing a new toy home for one of them and making a point to play with one of them for an allotted amount of time or finding a place where Artie can roll around in the grass leashless without the distraction of other dogs.  I'm always up for suggestions, so drop me a line in the comment area below!

Let's take a look at the 2014 goal chart with those added in:

And the monthly goal template:

RELATIONSHIP - 0% Complete
One date night. – Done | Not Done – 0% complete.
Play date with each pet. – Artemis | Zeus | Hermes | Apollo – 0% complete.

Some notes:  None.

Just one more entry before we get to the big three!

Next time:
My 2014 Spiritual Goals.

Question for my readers:
What are your 2014 relationship goals?

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