Friday, June 13, 2014

My Big Three and My Final Schedule

So just how many goals do I have planned for the remaining six months of this year?  A whopping 24.  Ouch!  Even I'm aware in my crazy OCD organizing state that I'm not likely to accomplish absolutely everything on my list.  If I can't accomplish all of my goals, I don't want to feel like I wasted my time!  So, as with last year, it's time to pick out my "Big Three" goals: The three goals that would make me soar above the clouds if I could just get them done.  And here they are!
  1. Lose 10 pounds.
  2. Pay off 1/4th of Aaron's student loans.
  3. Meditate
So how did I determine my big three for this year?  Well, first, I picked one goal from the two lowest sections: Health (Lose 10 Pounds) and Finances (Pay of Aaron's Loans).  I only picked one from each section so I couldn't push myself into having "Lose 10" and "Lose 25" pounds on there.  I don't want to over-focus on one section.  It feels like I'm jinxing myself should something happen.  Plus, how amazing would it feel to say that I planned on losing 10 pounds, but lost 20, or even 30?  I'm sure you see where I'm going here.

Finally, for my last goal, I picked something that I felt would help me in all areas.  Meditating on a regular basis is bound to help me become happier, which will help me focus on the schedule.  It'll boost my confidence to help me lose weight, keep me spiritually in-tune.

However, just because I have three specific goals I'd like to accomplish doesn't mean I should plan to accomplish all of my goals!  Without further ado, here is my official June Check-In List!

JUNE 14 - 30 2014 GOALS
Timeframe is currently 0% over.
Overall: 8.3% complete.

Goals that are crossed out are goals not applicable to June unless otherwise noted.

CAREER - 0% Complete
Caricature practice sessions. – 0/120 minutes – 0% complete.
Caricature test session. – 0/60 minutes – 0% complete.
Caricature studies. – 0/60 minutes – 0% complete.
Make target income for the month. – 0% complete.

FINANCIAL - 33.3% Complete
Research one investment or retirement option for freelancers.  – 0/1 option  – 0% complete.
Make monthly additional payment for Aaron’s student loans. – 100% complete.
Make monthly savings deposit. – 0% complete.
Save for a new dining table. – 0/$87 – 0% complete. Currently on hold as we may be getting one for free.
Save for a new camping tent. – 0/$29 – 100% complete.
Create new budget. – Done | In Progress | Not Done – 0% complete.
Maintain budget. – 0/16 Days – 0% complete.

HEALTH - 0% Complete
Happier person technique. – 0/0 Days – 0% complete.
Life & Goal Organizer Happiness Worksheets. – 0/16 Days – 0% complete.
Burn 4880 calories. – 0/4880 calories – 0% complete.
Consume 1445 calories or less. – 0/16 Days – 0% complete.
Lose 2.72 pounds. – 0/2.72 pounds – 0% complete.
Create weight loss charm bracelet; deposit $3 for Wardrobe Money. – Done | Not Done – 0% complete.
TSH test. – Done | In Progress | Not Done – 0% complete.

HOME - 0% Complete
Simplify [location]. – 0% complete.
Create [insert Household System]. – Done | In Progress | Not Done – 0% complete.
Use [insert Household System]. – 0/X Days – 0% complete.
Some notes: 

KNOWLEDGE - 0% Complete
Daily news/informational site visit. – 0/16 Days – 0% complete.
Read one book. – 0/X pages – 0% complete.
Daily mental exercises. – Done | On Schedule | Not Done
Some notes: Choose between Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions, The Mad Art of Caricature!, Memoirs of a Geisha and They Don't Teach Corporate in College.

PERSONAL - 0% Complete
Organize the [folder] on my computer. – Done | In Progress | Not Done – 0% complete.
Have a reset day to start waking up in the morning. – Done | In Progress | Not Done – 0% complete.
Start sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. – 0/16 Days – 0% complete.
Some notes: 

RELATIONSHIP - 0% Complete
Monthly Date Night. – Done | Planned | Not Done – 0% complete.
Play date with each pet. – Artemis | Zeus | Hermes | Apollo – 0% complete.
Some notes: 

SPIRITUAL - 25% Complete
Meditate twice a week. – 0/4 Times – 0% complete.
Attend Circle of Northern Fountain's Summer Solstice ritual. – Done | Planned | Not Done – 50% complete.
Attend one Liithi Lushede Coven's Summer Solstice ritual. – Done | Planned | Not Done – 50% complete.
Rune Studies. – 0/2 weeks – 0% complete.
Some notes: 


Check List for June
  1. Create a new budget.
  2. Create a measurements board and exercise schedule.
  3. Weigh in.
  4. Choose a book to read.
  5. Have a reset day.


  1. I just LOVE how you are so organized in your goals. It really inspires me ! In fact, I just printed your goal sheet and filled it yesterday as major changes happened in my life in the past weeks. I will then redefine my 2014 goals and try to stick at them till 2015.

    Have a great weekend !

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad the goal sheet is getting some use. Feel free to steal anything that helps you! And good luck!

  2. Hi, would you mind doing a post about what being a witch has given you, brought into your life as far as positive things , and why you continue to stay one. I haven't really seen anyone post about this, just usually the negative stuff, like angry demons coming to suck your soul away in the midnight hours tee-hee
    thank you for such a great blog

    1. lol Angry demons coming to suck your soul away. I'm going to have to use that.

      I've created a draft blog post with your question and will definitely address it in the near future. Thank you so much!