Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy (Belated) Yule from Witchy Words!

A happy (and much belated) Yule to all my readers!

I apologize for this post coming so late.  With the Circle of Open Traditions Yule ritual cancelled and the Lushede Grove Yule ritual being heavily snowed out...

Tip of the iceberg - one inch of ice and six inches of snow fell that night.
... I didn't have much material to post for the Winter Solstice.  Pretty appropriate for Midwinter, right?  Last year, we actually had a snowstorm on our Yule celebration night as well, so it's starting to become tradition.

On the bright side, as I'm sure you're able to tell, I did get a new camera for Yule from my wonderful husband, Aaron - the Sony RX100 II.  It's the perfect point-and-shoot meets DSLR with a wide aperture for capturing all those rituals we do in the dim light!  So expect more (and better) pictures in updates to come!

I do have an altar up, albeit late.  I've had to selectively choose unbreakables to put on the altar this year because our new kitten, Apollo, hasn't exactly learned what the words "NO!" and "STOP!" mean.  He managed to pull it down twice before I began pinning the tablecloth up.  I may have to go altar-clothless for a while if he keeps it up.  Nonetheless, I will have pictures of my Yule altar for 2013 soon.  

Actually, if you read on, you'll see it in the background of one of my photos below.

In lieu of having a Midwinter celebration, I got my friends (pagan and non-pagan alike) together for a short Unwrapping party.

I wanted to give everyone a token of my appreciation for putting up with my grumpy, judgy, bossy self this year.  Proof that, despite how ISTJ I might be, I really do pay attention to my closest friends' wants and care deeply for them.

As I said earlier, you're bound to spot faces never seen on this blog before.  I wonder if sometimes I give the impression that I only associate with pagans, particularly since this blog centers around my religious beliefs.  It's completely not true.  Many of my friends are from multiple backgrounds - everything from Gypsy to Jewish, Christian to Atheist.  I spend a lot more time with people who aren't of my religion than I sometimes spend with those who are.  

I also apparently am terribly expressive and speak with my hands.  A lot.

So I'm not all srs bizniz.  At least, not all the time!

Here's the picture where you can see my Yule altar from this year.  Those poor large pine cones took a real beating from our new kitten.

And speaking of which...

You know, for a cat that hissed at Apollo repeatedly when we first got him, Hermes is really warming up to the little black ball of fluff.  In fact, all of our pets are getting along with him amazingly well.  We were sure to leave them plenty of wrapping paper to play with on Christmas day since our dog, Artemis, went with us to my parents' house...

... and they all got tons of attention at our Unwrapping Party.

Other than making sure to get a decent picture of my Yule altar, I've turned my blogging attention over to The Progressive Planner.  This was a blog I started up on the last few days of 2012 to help me make and maintain year-long goals.  I'm currently going through the throes of sorting out the eight sections of my life into attainable goals and creating a multitude of charts and plans.  Can we say OCD?

Clearly I'm a Virgo.

I suppose all that leaves is a sign off.  I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season and is looking forward to the New Year!  Stay safe, happy and healthy!  I leave you with a picture of Artemis taken with my brand new camera.  Cheers!


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