Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Familiars - Part 2 of 3: Zeus

Name: Zeus
Always called: Zeusy, Tubby Tabby
Gender: Male
Suspected Breed: Maine Coon mix
Coat: Mackerel Tabby
Age: 6 (as of 5/1/2014)
Element: Earth

Meet Zeus, my precious Mackerel Tabby rescue.  This cat has been a piece of me from the very first day.  He is the biggest cuddle bug you'll ever meet, and purrs so loudly you can hear from him across the house.  He's super practical and a bit of a worrywart at times.  He has an addictive personality, as noted by his weight.  As a stray, he was used to scavenging for food and would accidentally destroy things, such as glasses and figurines, in the process.  Because his destructive tendencies were only caused by food hunting, free feeding made them go away, though it did also cause him to gain weight.  But he's still active, happy and healthy!  When I left for Chicago once, he got addicted to grooming himself and overgroomed.  To make matters worse, he ended up giving himself a (very costly) infection in the process!  If you spill some catnip on the floor, he won't stop rolling in it and licking it until you clean it up.  That being said, he's also addicted to some wonderful things - like his mom.

Like our other pets, we stuck with the theme of naming them after Greek gods.  One day, while I was walking Artie (during a lightning storm no less), a fuzzball popped his head out of a storm drain.  Even his stripes look like dark lightning bolts, and he walks like a bulldog.  This cat was absolutely a Zeus.

On that stormy day, he walked right past Artie and up to me.  He then grabbed my ankle, flopped on the ground and hugged it tight.  "You're my mom, so take me home."  There was no question and no waiting period.  This cat has always been with me, connected to me, from day one.

Zeus is a spectacular cat.  He gets along with almost everyone and everything.  In fact, he's been my dog's best friend from the first day we let him out of the bathroom after he was vetted.  I've found them cuddling on numerous occasions, from in front of window, to on the bed to even on top of me!  This cat literally never hissed until he first met my best friend's husky - and that's understandable because he's a husky.  Zeus even puts up with him, which I think is incredibly impressive.

So how do I know Zeus is my familiar and not simply a pet?

- Zeus is usually already in my circle area when I come down for ritual.  He knows before I know!
- Zeus has expressly helped me choose appropriate colors, herbs and symbols by rubbing against them or putting his paw on them.  He's even pulls runes for me!
- He lays at North.
- He gets along with my other familiars very, very well!
- Like Artie, Zeus is connected to me in a very special way.  He almost seems to know what I'm thinking.

Zeus's help in ritual has been helpful not only for me but for those I know.  He has definitely helped friends pick tarot cards and stones in the past.  He's just one magickal cat.

And, as a bonus, he looks pretty spectacular in costume.

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  1. We have a cat named Zeus too! I know he is my daughters familiar because he follows her and actually cries when she leaves. He talks too! His meows sound like he is pronouncing words :) We have 4 kitties (all familiars too) I lost two of my babies in Sept 2017 within 3 weeks of each other and I was devastated.. but I know they are still with me in Spirit :) Thanks for sharing this I love it!