Monday, April 29, 2013

International Pagan Coming Out Day

Use this graphic to promote peace, tolerance and education about your religion.
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May 2nd is International Pagan Coming Out Day.  This year has been highlighted with a slew of hate crimes against Pagan children's author Kryja Withers.  In her interview, she reflected beliefs I've held as noted in my previous response video about Fox News by saying, "We need to be out and say who we are."  I couldn't agree more.  For more information about the Pagan hate crimes against Kryja and Randy Withers, here's the video straight from ABC Action News.


  1. this is probably a weird and somewhat inappropriate comment, but I wanted you to be aware of something - so many movements are using the "coming out" phrase these days such as minority religions/belief systems and such, it's actually quite offensive to a lot of gay and transgender people because they really feel it sort of co-opts what is a painful and serious time for them. I'm gay AND pagan and I'm personally not offended by pagans using the phrase, but then again my gay coming-out process wasn't so hard as it is for a lot of people. it's a very sensitive topic and I don't know if you use the phrase a lot, I just wanted to sort of advise you that a lot of people find it to be offensive and hurtful for non-gay-or-transgender people to say they're "coming out" as something. pagan coming out day is uncomfortable to me because of that, as well as "coming out of the broom closet," because although I don't think it undermines gay struggles but I do think it sort of compares the two and a lot of people don't like it. there are some movements against using that phrase.

    anyway thanks for taking the time to read this; I'm certainly not demanding you change your wording or anything but I wanted you to be aware! I love your blog and you're so sweet; I've been going back and reading your old posts over again and it just came to mind. education is important, like the graphic says, and I think that means education in all matters. bless!

    1. I apologize if you feel the term is offensive. Pagan Coming Out Day is actually the official title - not something I invented myself by any means. Likewise with the term "broom closet." I have several friends who are homosexual or transgender and still describe their experience of telling their friends and family about their religion as "coming out." I've had yet to have someone consider these terms offensive despite my extensive involvement in both communities. I appreciate your comment though and best wishes.