Monday, December 31, 2012

Cleansing your Sacred Space

A couple weeks ago, our heater went faulty.  Eventually, we replaced it.  Unfortunately, my sacred space is right next to the heater room, which meant several strange people entering and exiting my area.  Anytime you have unusual activity in a sacred area, you should cleanse the space afterward.  My cleansing ritual is fairly in depth, involving a three step process that ends with raising the circle in your newly-purified area for the first time.  Often, I will begin before hand by using purified water and salt around the doorways and windows of my area, and by cleansing my ritual and circle tools in purified water.

Timing: This ritual is best done on a full moon.

One white candle
One black candle
One purple candle
Altar tile
One stick of incense (sage preferably)
One plate for the incense
One candle you can walk with easily (white or red preferably)
One sturdy candle holder for the candle
Purified water (Did you know that snow that falls on a full moon is purified water?)
One black sachet
Herbs: Basil, bay, cedar cinnamon, garlic, mint.
Gemstones: Amethyst, quartz x2, snowflake obsidian x2, white moonstone, black moonstone.
Selenite tower (or suitable gemstone substitute)
Anything you use to create your circle

The three candles should form a circle around your selenite tower or appropriate gemstone.
Clockwise around the pentacle altar tile starting at spirit:
Amethyst, quartz, snowflake obsidian, white moonstone, black moonstone

This step will utilize: Incense, incense plate, candle, candle holder, purified water, salt.
  1. Begin my lighting the white candle and envisioning a clean, pure light enveloping your area.
  2. Light the incense and, beginning at the east, walk around your circle in a clockwise motion.  Use the incense stick to draw a pentagram at each direction, including center.  Return to the east and leave the incense (safely) at that direction.  Use a plate if necessary.
  3. Light the candle and, beginning at south, walk around your circle in a clockwise motion.  Hold up the candle to each direction, including center. Return to the south and leave the candle (safely) in that direction, preferably in a candle holder.
  4. Take your purified water and, beginning at the west, walk around the circle in a clockwise motion while sprinkling the water.  Sprinkle additional water to each direction, including center.  Return to the west and leave the purified water there.
  5. Finally, take the salt and, beginning at the north, walk around the circle in a clockwise motion while sprinkling the salt.  Sprinkle additional salt to each direction, including the center.  Return to the north and leave the container of salt there.
  6. Return to the center and bow your head.  Envision the area cleaned of negativity and darkness and prepared for the next step.

This step will utilize: Black sachet, basil, bay, cedar cinnamon, garlic, mint, quartz and snowflake obsidian.
  1. Begin by lighting the black candle and envisioning a protective energy surge from the ground around your area, enclosing it.
  2. Follow my step-by-step guide for creating a protection sachet.
  3. Hang the sachet within your circle area.  You will leave this protection sachet there at all times.
  4. Return to the center and bow your head.  Envision the area protected and safe.  You are now prepared for the final step.

This step will utilize: Anything you use to create your circle.

At this point, you are ready to raise your circle for the first time in your newly-purified and protected sacred space.  Raise the circle with the intent of charging your area with your own personal energy.

Of course, this is my personal preference for cleansing my sacred area.  Everyone has their own methods - what method do you use?

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