Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Lifepath

I would like to state first and foremost that I do not consider myself, by any means, learned in the craft. There is never a point in your path that you should feel you know all there is to know. I often find myself teetering between the Student and the Teacher. Having one foot on each side of the division creates a gray area that I enjoy being in. This blog's primary purpose is to allow others who share my love of learning to walk along with me in my path.

 Witchcraft is a delicate term. If you walked up to random strangers on the street and asked them what witchcraft entails, you'd get a myriad of definitions ranging from worshiping the devil to fantastical descriptions straight from the TV show Charmed. In reality, it is none of those. There is little fantastical or evil about paganism, Wicca or witchcraft if practiced properly. Really, it's a way of life more than a religion or any type of sorcery. The primary goal of my lifepath is to be at peace with the world. I better myself through health, harmony and happiness - and by bettering myself, I can better the world through volunteering, donations and green living.

I have been a practitioner of various forms of paganism, specifically Wicca, since the age of 13. My introduction to Wicca was not fueled by a rebellion against Christianity but rather finding a religion with beliefs that mirrored my own. I owe much of my discovery to my best friend, who was the first to introduce me to anything Pagan in my early teens. Since that time, I have been a part of a coven ranging from initiate to high priestess (though if you ask me, I was never ready for the HP role, nor do I feel I will ever be). The disintegration of that coven led me to strike out on my own. The more I worked by myself, the more I discovered about my beliefs.

I am highly eclectic and tend to swim against the current when it comes to traditional beliefs, which has later caused me to define myself as pagan rather than Wicca.  Many of my core beliefs will be expanded upon in subsequent entries, but my main belief is this:

Life should be full of peace and joy. Your lifepath, whatever you choose, should lead you in that direction.

For me, my religion does just that.

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