Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Guest Article: Kira] A Transgender Perspective on Paganism

A note from Witchy Words:  At the beginning of the year, I asked the circle I coordinate, Circle of Fountains, if they'd each like to do a guest article based on a topic that I might not be able to cover.  This is a great effort by my amazing circle to give you information that you might not otherwise encounter here at Witchy Words.  The following article is not written by me but another member of Circle of Fountains, with credit and notes about its author below.  Enjoy!


First of all I would like to share some terms so that everyone can be on the same page: 
  • Transgender is a person that does not identify with the gender they were assigned with at birth
  • Cisgender is a person that does identify with the gender they were assigned with at birth
  • Gender fluid is a person that identifies as more then one genders and may switch between them as often as a daily bases 
  • Agender is a person that does not identify as any gender.

Being Transgender is a hard road. There is a lot of fear and hate and misinformation that is spread though the media on an almost daily bases.  Finding a spirituality that you can relate to and find a community that you can trust in is very important.    I have found this in the pagan community.  Some traits of paganism is that it is a nature based religion.  In nature I found that many things that humans say is unnatural occur, all the time.  There are gay animals and plants both produce and take in pollen to reproduce.  

Next there are the Gods that many worship that I have found a kinship with as well.  We have Transgender and Gender Fluid deities which I find amazing.  My favorite instance is with Loki.  Scholars have not been able to agree on who he is and everything that he represents.  He would appear to the Gods in many different forms and took great pride in presenting as that gender, something that all Trans people do in a way. I don't like to call in presenting.  For me I'm presenting who I really am.

The last piece is the community. The other pagans I have come across have been some of the most loving and accepting individuals I have ever met. They have helped me feel safe and have enabled me to open up about myself.  I have gained a greater sense of courage thanks to these wonderful people.  For that I can not thank you guys enough.  

Thanks to studying Nature and the Gods, and finding a loving community I have been able to grow as a more loving and caring individual.


Circle Auditor for Circle of Fountains, Kira is proudly transgender.  She attends the Equal Transgender Support Group and volunteers at the Transgender Institute.  Identifying as an eclectic pagan, she has a strong focus on the Morrigan.  When not participating in the pagan or transgender communities, Kira enjoys science fiction.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Call for Suggestions, Questions and Topics!

It's been a while since I've done a call for questions and topics, so I thought I'd throw one out there, particularly while my busy season is winding down.  It's still going to be a week or two before I can start blogging regularly again thanks to work but, when I do, I'd like to come to the table with plenty of ideas!

Upcoming Blog Topics:
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If you have any topics or questions you'd like me to cover aside from the above, please let me know in the comments below!

Finally, one of my Witchy Words goals for this month is to edit my tabs above.  Is there anything you'd like to see me add?  A different way you think they should be arranged that might be more intuitive?  Information you'd like to see added into the About section?  I'm up for any suggestions!

Thank you so much, everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random Update: Working, Working Out and General Life

Work overload is the theme of the season.  Woo!

I kid.  I honestly appreciate the busy season, but it is truly why I've fallen behind on almost every post for Beltane.  In fact, I still owe you guys some pictures of my altar and my goal update.  The altar is coming... eventually.  I'm going to merge the goals update into this general update because I see no real reason to double post on personal stuff.  I know you guys are here for the witchy, not the mundane. That being said, the mundane accounts for a good 90% of my life.  Witchy Words would be lacking if I didn't include a little of it here and there.

Work has definitely kept me on my toes.  I completed over 50 commissions last month.

For real.
On top of that, April 2015 makes the record for my most booked month ever in 12 years in terms of events.

Some days in April, I was either driving or drawing for up to 18 hours a day.  It was pretty impressive.  I also managed to get some snapshots of my work!

Of course, some people also got some shots of me working.

Beyond work, I've also been working out.  I wasn't able to get to Zumba as much as I'd have liked to last month, so I didn't lose any weight.  But I didn't gain either, so bonus!

Work was the primary reason why I missed so much class.  To compensate, I'm now enrolled in a class every night Monday through Thursday.  I'd like to make at least three classes a week to compensate for the money I spent, but at least I won't have a month like April where I only made one class a week at best.  It was totally worth it because I love my job, but I also need to look after my health and this is my best solution.

I also broke down and bought some new clothes this month (all thrift store purchases, of course).  It's less that nothing is fitting - in fact everything is finally fitting again.  However, most of my clothes are purchases I made between the ages of 17 and 22.  I'm 26, and will be 27 in September.  I would hope that my style sense has changed a bit since I was in college.  Here's some of the stuff I picked up:

Just because I'm not at my "goal weight" doesn't mean I can't appreciate what I currently have!  I was never in for the number anyway.  Losing the weight means better health, something that's pretty necessary given my autoimmune issues.  The new clothes, however, were so absolutely needed.  Apparently, I'm into 40s fashion, pencil skirts, belts and zip-up high heels.  Who knew?

As a side note, check out these pillows I got during the same thrift store run.  I bought the throw blanket behind them nearly two years ago!  They match it perfectly.  Both my husband and I were super excited to run across them.  Just thought I'd share that little bit!

Speaking of my husband, May 4th marked the 11th year anniversary of the day he asked me out in high school.  We tend to celebrate this day more heavily than our own wedding anniversary.  Aaron spoiled me with sushi, flowers and a tent so we can finally go camping again!  Gosh, I miss camping so much.  I can't wait to do it again!

The familiars have been doing well.  Nothing terribly new to report here; my pets are some of the most stable beings I know.

Artemis got his groom on last month.  So now he's all "bootiful" and "coote," and of course he knows it.

Apollo's doing well.  He's his usually derpy, liquid-cat self.  He's spent most of his time this past month trying to attack bugs that are on the other side of the sliding glass door.  ... Keep trying, little guy.

"I will."

Zeus as a tiny UTI right now.  Poor guy seems prone to them as this is the third one he's had in two years.  Of course, that means he's locked out of the bedroom for a week or so.  Hopefully the medication takes care of it and we won't have to do another round or take him in for tests.  Otherwise, his gluttony reigns supreme and his love for me knows no bounds.

Hermes has gotten particularly cuddly the past month.  No worries - health-wise, he's fine.  He's just been so darn cute and positively impossible to ignore.

That doesn't mean he's shed his Asscat nickname.  Lovable as he is, he got me pretty good with his daggers-for-hands today, and then sassed the whole way down the hallway.

As a final note, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends sent me a collection of their teas for review and I received them this past week!  I'm absolutely excited to try all of them.  They even included a rooibos especially for my roommate and fellow CF member Tony.  I think I may let him do the review on that one.

Phew!  Long update is long.  I'm positively worn out and I have several commissions due tomorrow while I'm at a gig two hours away, so I should probably stop blogging and get to work!  I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my mutt.  Enjoy!