Thursday, May 25, 2017

Circle of Fountains Flower Moon Ritual May 2017

On Sunday, May 7th, Circle of Fountains met for Novice coursework and our full moon ritual!

Unfortunately I was out drawing at events so I could not attend. That being said, my circlemates made a great effort to collect photos so that I could still share it with my readers!

The night started with a class on cleansing and warding with Phaedra and Laura.

Then Amy took over for a splendid Flower Moon ritual!

Corners were called by pouring a glass of golden glittery milk to fairies representative of the directions.

Amy personally wrote the quarter calls in iambic pentameter.

She also purchased these amazing offering cups and pitcher for the milk at thrift stores!

Amy then spoke about the full moon in Scorpio, a time of hidden things, and the representation of the flower moon in relation to that.  Because of the timeliness of the ritual, the fae were the focus of the evening.  With all of this in mind, this ritual would be about boundaries.

The ritual began with a mindfulness meditation.

After Amy guided everyone in mindful muscle movements, she played a song and encouraged everyone to pay particular attention to the lyrics.

The quarter faeries were then released...

And the glittery milk was given to the ground as an offering to the fae.

Then came time for crafting!

Prior to ritual, Amy purchased picture frames from dollar stores and popsicle sticks.  Using a glue gun, she created simple bases for faery doors!  What a better representation of boundaries than a door, right?  Members were asked to write what they would and would not allow on an index card and slipping it into the frame, yet another example of boundaries.  Amy then bought some crafting supplies and asked others to bring what they could to decorate the faery doors to each person's personal tastes.  Here's what my circlemates created!

And, being the amazing circlemate she is, Amy made sure there was plenty left over for me to do one of my own when I got home!

Amy's ritual was incredibly coheasive and complex for what's typically expected of an esbat ritual!

From my circle to yours, I hope everyone had a wonderful May full moon!

A special thank you to Kaiulani, Jocelyn and Lauren as my top Patreon supporters this month!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Patreon Exclusive Video Class: Witchcraft Self Care 101

Click here to check it out!

And yes, I make hilarious faces like this throughout the video apparently.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mini Update: Still Sick

I've been referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist.  I'll be seeing him on Monday afternoon.  Not only has my hearing not returned in my right ear but my lymph nodes are back to being swollen despite being on a second round of antibiotics.

For those of you who haven't seen my social media posts, here's kind of a timeline of events:

Monday, April 24th: Get food poisoning from a fast food place.
Wednesday, April 26th: Fly out to Milwaukee with food poisoning. Eat nothing while I'm there.
Thursday, April 27th: Fly back home in less than 24 hours. Everyone on the plane is coughing, so I'm aware I'm going to catch something.
Monday, May 1st: Malaise, cough, sore throat. I figure it's just a head cold.
Thursday, May 4th: Go to the Minute Clinic because the sore throat is severe. I'm told that they won't give me antibiotics unless it's in my ears, which it isn't - yet.
Friday, May 5th: Go to my actual doctor, who is confused as to why the Minute Clinic didn't give me antibiotics. Get what I need.
Saturday, May 6th: Throat clears up almost instantly on the Zpak.  But my hearing in my right ear starts going in and out.
Sunday, May 7th: I have now lost all hearing in my right ear after a painful moment at 4 am that wakes me.
Thursday, May 11th: Go back to my doctor. I'm prescribed more antibiotics for what she thinks is an infection that might have ruptured my ear drum.
Monday, May 15th: Throat begins to swell again despite being on antibiotics.
Tuesday, May 16th: Call my doctor because I figure I'm going to be referred at this point and sure enough, ENT specialist.

I have been some sort of ill since April 24th - not the standard chronic illness flare but straight up sick - and I'm utterly exhausted from it.

I haven't been blogging because the pain associated with the plugged ear and swallowing with swollen lymph nodes is severe enough that my brain will reset mid-thought.  It's tough to focus.  I'm still working too as I'm in the midst of busy season; I actually head out to Topeka today for a lengthy gig.  I can't really find replacements in my line of work so I'm obligated to my contracts.  And I keep taking contracts because I have no idea when this will be resolved.  I can't just stop working because what if the ENT specialist solves it Monday? Then I'd have turned down contracts for nothing.

So right now, all of my energy is going to work.  When I'm not working, I'm sleeping so I don't have to deal with the pain of swallowing or the surmounting pressure in my ear.  That's why I haven't been around.

Hopefully I will have more answers Monday.  In the mean time, I appreciate your patience as I'm not blogging very often because of all of this.  Thank you!