Friday, November 6, 2015

Update: Personal Trainer, Roommateless, Pagan Garage Sale, Familiars, more.

Hello from Terra Luna!  This update is my first update from our new house (aside from the tale of my trip to Florida). It was strange, leaving out from one house and coming home to a totally different one on my family vacation. But I can't say that it hasn't been for the better. The new house is in the completely opposite area from where I've lived my whole life, and almost towards the rural outskirts. I'm really enjoying it!

2015 seems to be strong year for change. It seems like something new is always rearing its head.  I suppose moving twice should have been my first clue but, as things have continued to reshuffle and alter, I'd have to say that it's more than just a freak accident with the house. I'm interested to see where all of this will leave us at the end of the year!  So what's new so far?

First off, I'm working with a personal trainer to get the weight, and thus the inflammation from my condition, off. I can't say that hiring a personal trainer was something I thought I would be doing this year. The expense is astronomical but that's what my medical savings is for. At this point, I have gone two years since losing weight the first time and since my massive MAS flare that left me temporarily blind and in and out of hospitals and offices, the effective cause of my weight gain. When the doctors think you might have a pituitary gland tumor that's metastasized into your brain and is pushing on your eyes, you stop worrying about the kind of food you shovel into your mouth. Of course, that ended up not being the case at all but coming to grips with my cluster of auto-immune diseases hasn't been easy.

In order to push forward, I interviewed a number of personal trainers and selected one that had a history of working with clients who have gone through traumatic illnesses, including recovering from breast cancer and, to my surprise, one autoimmune patient. I don't know my weight lost so far, mostly because I'm not allowed to fixate on the number so I can't weigh myself in, but I have dropped a notch on my belt buckle and my pants are loose! I've also returned to Zumba two nights a week.  All-in-all, I'm working out in some way five times a week and I actually feel like I can handle it! My PT has told me that I'm one of the strongest gals she's ever met, so bonus!

We officially said goodbye to our longtime roommate and fellow CF member Tony. Tony's lived with us off and on since 2009.  While this isn't the first time we've had to make this decision, it will be the last. My husband and I have decided that we no longer need or want roommates. We're happy living on our own. All of that said, we wish Tony the best on getting back on his feet.

The weather here in KC has been mild so far.  We've had a couple cold nights, but mostly it's been superb.  All of the trees don't know what to do, so they've been changing at totally different times.  Doesn't look like we'll have a "peek color" this autumn, but when each individual tree reaches that point, it's beyond amazing.

I've been taking the opportunity with the warm weather to enjoy our new backyard.  It's a bit small, but that's perfect for a single family with no kids and a small dog.  Plus, the grass is so thick and plush, it's like carpet!

Speaking of the familiars...

Zeus has been doing great.  He's always so social and loving, my tubby tabby.  He handles change so well, so there's not much to update there.

Apollo handled the transition with ease this time!  Usually, moves make him temporarily panic for about 24 hours, but I heard there was no hiding this time.  Even though most people might see him as skittish, Apollo's certainly not the shy, scared type to me.  He just gets confused so easily.  My poor derp.

Hermes probably stressed the most about the move, developing a UTI. He really seems to like the new house. In fact, all the cats appreciate that the spiritual room is no longer closed off from them and now spend the majority of their time down there.  It's so weird to have a mostly empty house for the better part of the day because they're all lounging in their respective corners (no lie).

And Artemis has been his usual cute-as-a-button self. Today, he asked to go outside just so he could throw a toy around and roll in the grass.  My baby bean!  For an almost senior dog (he'll be seven later this month), he's still so spry. He has many years left, I'm sure.

As a group, my babies are unstoppable. Having one familiar is rare enough. Having four at once is like hitting the lottery. I doubt I'll ever have this again, so I'm reveling in it every moment I get.

Here's a bit of a pagan update: My circle, Circle of Fountains (we now have a Facebook page!), was invited by Kansas City Witches Meetup to sell items at the community Pagan Garage Sale about a week before Samhain. It was a ton of fun!  Nearly the entire circle showed up to help man the tables and we made a whopping $115 towards our Samhain and Halloween after hours party.  Of course, afterward, we celebrated with a little sushi!

In fact, Circle Sushi has become a regular thing, as has Drunken Divination nights. One member wants to start up a Saturday morning coffee and I think it's a spectacular idea. Our group has gotten so close and cohesive, and I'm so happy for, grateful to and proud of all of them!

Our next meetup for new potential members is coming up on the first Sunday in December. Before then, we're having a Primary Member only meetup to discuss the direction of the circle, sort some positions out and decide what kind of role we want in the community. Lots going on on that front!  All good things.

That about sums it up here for me!  This is the last post I'm making this week as I buckle down for holiday commissions as a caricature artist. I'm prepping more posts for the Familiars series, as well as updates of previous posts I've made. Plus, there's always Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends and reviews. More content to come!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Circle of Fountains Samhain Ritual and Party 2015

This post will cover the Samhain ritual and party held by the Circle of Fountains.

Before we begin, I wanted to make a small side note: Unfortunately, I was unable to cover the Liithi Lushede public ritual because our rituals coincided this year.  They also cancelled their Mabon ritual, which is why it's been some time since you've seen them here on Witchy Words.  However, we are working together to coordinate coverage for both of our Yule rituals.  You can look forward to that!

Circle of Fountains' Samhain celebration was written and hosted by me this year!  Samhain is my personal favorite and my preferred ritual overall, so I greatly enjoy writing and leading it.  As usual, I like to set Samhain apart from our other rituals because it's such a special holiday for us.  This year's ritual went darker and deeper than previous rituals, encouraging our members to dig at their inner most fears and face them for the Witch's New Year.

Our festivities began, as usual, with a crafting session.  Last year, we made masks.  This year, we made shrouds.  This project was fairly simple and didn't require the use of hot glue guns.  We cut veils from fabric and decorated a headband which held them in place.  What a simple yet effective craft for covering our faces.  After all, the spiritual veil is thinnest on Halloween night and the dead walk the earth.  Covering your face, be it via mask, shroud, makeup or costume, is the perfect way of scaring away the darker spirits.

After our veils were completed, we continued to the dining table where I briefly read the rules for dinner.  Traditionally called a Dumb Supper, that name tends to be offensive towards those who cannot speak, so we instead chose to call it a "Silent Supper."  During a silent supper, you dine quietly with those who have passed.

At the head of the table was a sitting area that included a special plate served for the dead and a chair covered in black cloth.  In front of that plate were eight tea light candles.  Before we sat, each circlemate lit a candle to call upon their loved one and placed a picture or token at the guest table.  The last words each person spoke was the name of their loved one and the deceased's relation to that member.

Even my husband lit a candle for a dearly departed.  By lighting a candle, placing a picture or token item of that loved one and leaving an empty chair, you beckon the deceased to join you while you eat.

We then sat to dine in complete silence.  I asked each member to be explicitly aware of their surroundings, taking note of each whisper, cool breeze, touch or any other out of place sensation.  These may be signs that the spirits have joined us.  When each person finished eating, they covered their face with their veil and hung their head in silence.

Suddenly, in the midst of the silence after everyone had finished eating, the following music came from the basement:

"Seven Devils" by Florence and The Machine

Before heading down, I lit a special sage bundle blend and smoke cleansed each circlemate.  I also anointed their foreheads with protective oil.  This was essential as what we were about to face required extra protection.  As the fog swirled up from the stairwell, I descended first towards the veil between our physical world and the spirit world.

At the start of the chorus, I pulled back the veil and all entered into the realm of the unknown.

Each circlemate made their way towards the centermost altar in the fog bank, gathering around it and holding hands.

In the meantime, I cast a circle of protection about them by calling upon the individual elements, beginning in west, the direction of the setting sun and the spirit world, and working my way around.

Once each direction was called, I joined the center circle in holding hands with my head bowed until the end of the song.  We then officially began ritual.

I asked my circlemates to take note that we were not alone, that other entities had joined us in the circle.  On Samhain, the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is the thinnest.  Yes, the dead cross the veil when the pass, but other entities can also cross the veil, including guiding spirits and demons.

I then related the Biblical story of Mary Magdalene and the seven demons which were cast from her.  While not much is known about Mary prior to this passage, and little is known about the demons that were once within her, we can infer two things: 1) The demons were eventually considered the archetypes for the seven deadly sins in Christianity and 2) the number seven is a number of wholeness.  The fact that Mary of Magdalene was possessed by seven demons means she was wholly consumed by them, unable to move forward.

Whether the demons were real demons or metaphors for inner turmoil, mental or physical illnesses are up to your interpretation.  For those who choose this interpretation of the passage, we find that, sometimes, our own internal demons are scarier than any astral or spiritual entity that could be invoked.  They control us, rule our every action and guide us by fear.

On the night of the Witch's New Year, we were going to face our own inner demons.

I asked each member to think about that which plagues them - the thing that inhibits them the most in life, the thing that scares them the most about themselves.  They were then told to light a skull candle one at a time and take that candle over to a figure in the room.  Ensuring the candle was facing that figure, each circlemate was asked to call upon their inner demon as if it were a real entity, look it in the eye and face their fear.

Emotions ran high.  Some circlemates turned to anger while others shook and still others cried, unable to fully call their innermost fear.  You'll notice that one fear was faced as a couple rather than individuals.  This was certainly not a ritual for the faint of heart or the inexperienced witch.  Dealing with any kind of fear, but particularly your darkest one that has the strongest grip on you, is a struggle on its own.  Pulling that fear into a ritual space requires the utmost trust, not just in your own abilities but in your ritualmates abilities as well.  Even on a metaphorical level, I would not consider this a 101-level ritual and would strongly suggest against the new witch attempting this work.

We had extensive protection in place on a multitude of levels.  Of course, we began with a smoke cleanse and a dab of protective oil but, in addition to that, each member was also asked to arm themselves with their own protective charms and trinkets.  The room was cleansed and protected, and a circle raised.  Each demon was held in place by a sachet of black salt inside the form, courtesy of Sabbat Box, and bound to the cloth by a woven spell.  We certainly double- and triple-downed on the protection.  In addition to all of this, I kept my personal banishing spells on hand and all supplies close by to deal with any entities we may not have wanted in the circle.  Should we have somehow mistakenly summoned something tangible, we were prepared.

I want to expressly state again that this is not a ritual we would have undertook if we were not prepared to deal with the ramifications.  If you attempt this ritual on your own, ensure you are studied and prepared to deal with whatever it is you face.

Once each inner fear was called upon, I lit a center candle to represent our demons as a whole.  We then stood united for a moment to face our own demons in silence.

At that time, I passed around a small piece of white cloth to each member and a bag of small rubber bands in various colors, preparing my circlemates for a simple but effective way to create a vessel for energy.

Each circlemate chose a rubber band color that best matched the kind of energy they felt would repel their fears.  We then went around in a circle one by one and stated the kind of energy that would guide us to cast out our fears.  By pinching the center of the cloth an wrapping the rubber band around it, we created a head with a sort of ghostly shaped body.  This little vessels were called "Guiding Spirits."  As we charged them, we put into them love and light and happy thoughts to help us face our fears.

The next step involved communal support.  Each member, or members as the case may be, lit a thin white taper candle from the center pillar that represented our inner demons and stated the fear which they called upon.

The member then passed their lit candle around the circle.

Each circlemate would then channel their own energy through the candle and light one of the black candles surrounding the pillar candle.  While lighting it, they would make a statement of support.  Once the taper circled back around to the member who first lit it, they could blow out the flame and save their taper to burn later when they felt lost or at the mercy of their fear.

By doing this, we vowed to become each others' safety net, a circle of protection and support from their inner demon.

At the same time, the bowl became ablaze with flames of support, symbolically melting the faces of the demons on the pillar candle.  Eventually, the overwhelming amount of support and fire became too much, and the wax snuffed the flame of the primary pillar candle.  It all went out in perfect harmony and timing.

The final step was to face our inner demon one last time and remove them from our lives.  We did so by taking a pair of scissors and cutting them down.

Cutting the demon down did not harmfully release it into the world.  Instead, the demon loses its shape, becoming nothing more than cloth and wire on the floor.  This symbolizes how that fear no longer holds any power over our lives.  Thus we cut our inner demons out our lives for the New Year.

With that, we as a group blew out our individual candles.  Members were encouraged to take the skull candles that represented their inner demon home and bury it as an a final act of removing their fear by neutralizing the energy.

And, with that, we completed ritual by closing the circle.  The ending of the ritual was silent but very joyous.  We all hugged each other and chatted for a bit before heading into the other room to prepare for the next event of the evening:

The Circle of Fountains After-Hours Halloween Party!

Around 40 Kansas City pagan community members turned out for dancing, drinks, food, costumes, games and more!  We had a fantastic night that lasted all the way until 4 in the morning!  Thank you so much to everyone who came out and joined us in our festivities.  It was a blast!

From my circle to yours, we hope you had a blessed Samhain and a fantastic Witch's New Year!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Familiars [Part 2]: Domestic Animals as Familiars - Is my pet a familiar?

Previously, I talked a bit about the different types of familiars.  We typically imagine familiars as the little black cat trope but animals are not the only kind.  There's the Familiar Spirit, an entity that guides a witch and with whom a witch typically has a relationship.  There's also power animals, animal spirits which protect us and give us wisdom.

And then there's imps, familiars who come in the form of an animal, plant, doll or other inanimate vessel and assist a witch with his or her work.  The common "animal as a familiar" falls into imps and are what I prefer to specifically call domestic familiars.  From here on out, when I say "familiar," I'm referring specifically to that of a witch's partnership with an animal.

If you're here, you may be interested to find out if your pet or recent animal friend is a familiar.  Many times, when I talk about familiars on my blog, I get several comments with a pet's life story that end with the question "Is s/he a familiar?"  The honest truth is that I absolutely cannot answer this question for you.  Only you can decide if an animal in your life is familiar worthy and if a pact can be made.  However, the following article can help.

The History of the Domestic Familiar
During the European Witch Trials

The first historical notes of a familiar or imp in reference to witches came during the European Witch Trials of the 17th Century.  References to a witch's imp are most prominent in the works of English witch-hunter Matthew Hopkins.  Attributed with the responsibility for the intense increase in "witch" prosecution in England between 1644 and 1646, Hopkins believed that a witch made a pact with the devil or a demon for her power.  In exchange, she was gifted with an animal, called an imp, to spy on others, carry out her wishes and guard her.  Animals believed to be imps were usually cats and dogs, but could also be other animals, like mice and toads.  To feed this imp, the witch was given a third nipple, or teat, from which the familiar would draw blood as its food.  This teat could be located anywhere on the body and would be unusual in shape, size and color, so it was the most common "identifier" for witches.  Hopkins was convinced that the teat was the only evidence needed to prove a witch of her guilt.

One of the most specific cases, and perhaps the most popular, was also one of Hopkins's first. In 1644 in the town of Manningtree, he arrested and deprived a woman of sleep for four nights straight.  Afterward, she named all of her familiars and their forms: Holt, a white kitten; Jarmara, a legless overweight Spaniel; Vinegar Tom, a greyhound with a head "like an Oxe;" Sacke and Sugar, a black rabbit; and Newes, a polecat.  In addition, she listed five more familiars, described as imps, one of which was the famous Pyewacket.

Of course, the name Pyewacket would be popularized in the 1958 film Bell, Book and Candle as the name of a cat familiar, and has such remained in popular culture even to this day.

It should be noted that the European and American Witch Trials were not an affront on witches.  Most people prosecuted during that time had no connection with witchcraft.  Executions between the 15th and 18th Century likely totaled between 30-100k (not millions) and can be attributed to mass hysteria, poverty, illness, blight and other reasons.


Perhaps the easiest way to initially describe the concept of modern domestic familiars by listing misconceptions first.

Not every witch has a familiar.  Not every witch wants one, and they're perfectly within their right to that.  But, however disappointingly, not every witch that truly wants a familiar finds that kind of bond over their lifetime.  And that's okay!  Having a familiar is not required to be a witch or to practice magick by any means.  The sooner you accept this fact, the easier it will be to move forward.

Cats are not the only animals that can be familiars.  In fact, mammals are not the only kinds of animals that can be familiars.  Just about any kind of animal or insect you could ever imagine possible could be a familiar.  Thus, while the stereotype is the little black cat, you could just as easily have a snake, horse, bird or tarantula as a familiar too.

Separating the Pet from the Familiar

But perhaps the biggest misconception is that familiar is just another word for pet.  

Let me be clear: Not all pets are familiars. In fact, most aren't.

Do we love our pets and do they love us? Yes.  Do we form amazing bonds with our pets, to the point that we can imagine what they're saying and almost seem to be telepathically linked?  Of course.  Does it feel like we've known our pets from another lifetime?  Sure.  But does this make a pet a familiar?  No.

The pet/owner relationship can be just as sacred as the familiar bond.  Pets become family because they love so unconditionally and so purely.  In turn, we love them in a similar manner.  This kind of mutual love is rarely echoed in other chosen relationships in our life. That's why it's so hard to imagine that Fluffy isn't a familiar.

Many familiar relationships begin as pets initially.  In fact, it's a great starting point.  The unconditional love that comes from owning a pet with a fantastic connection to you is a solid foundation for familiardom, but it does not a familiar make.

So Exactly What Denotes a Familiar?

The Familiar Chooses You.

Typically, we as witches don't get a choice in who our familiar is.  There are ways to call for a familiar of a particular type if you don't already have one, such as extensive meditation, visualization and projection, but the most real of familiars I find are ones who make that initial call to us instead.  The best examples I can give are from my personal experiences: All three of my cats came to me outside and asked to be brought in.  For one of them, I heard him calling for several days and knew the moment I walked out my door that I was going to find him when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and walked up to me.  More on all of that later.  That being said, they have since never asked to go back out again and entrusted themselves to my care.

Some traditions believe that you can only be given a familiar.  In that case, my dog qualifies there as he was passed to me directly from his previous owner, his abuser, with her knowing full well that I was taking him home as my own.  However, I still feel like my dog chose me in many ways.  I didn't have any idea that day when I got up that I was getting a dog.  It just happened.  It was like the universe came together in a way that we could find each other, and we've been inseparable ever since.

On that note, all of this isn't to say that you can't go to a pet shelter and find your familiar.  I'm not even saying that you can't see a picture of an animal online and just know.  Though maybe a bit less likely, your presence at the shelter or your seeing that photograph could have been orchestrated by the bigger picture.

However, it's not something you can force.  You can't go and pick up just any animal and decide that that animal will be your familiar.  The animal to be your familiar will choose you when and only when the timing is right.

And even if you have an animal randomly appear on your doorstep, it may still be a pet unless...

The Familiar Bonds With You on a Spiritual Level

This one is easy to mistake with the unconditional love of a pet/owner relationship, primarily because it has its roots in just that.  It's why we get so caught up with pets being familiars when they may not be.  This spiritual bond can seem similar to unconditional love if you've never experienced it and thus blurs the line for those who have not had a familiar before.

The kind of spiritual bond I speak of transcends physical realms.  It's obviously not a romantic or physical bond; I would certainly never suggest that and wanted to make that clear.  And it's more than just an "eerie telepathic I-know-what-you're-thinking" link or the feeling of knowing that animal from another time and space.  In fact, I find it hard to describe this bond at all because it goes beyond words.  It is deeper than you can ever imagine if you've never had a familiar, terribly frightening if you're just now experiencing it and can be physically exhausting for even the most experienced of witches and pagans.

But there's more...

You Can Trust Your Familiar Wholly.

Oftentimes, we feel we can trust our pets with our life.  While it's a sweet sentiment, and in many cases true, the kind of unconditional trust I speak of goes beyond what you might expect of a pet.

The easiest way I can point out the difference is to pull from personal experience and print screen a reader question about my rune chain.  For reference, this is what my rune chain looks like:

And here is a question a Tumblr user asked about it:

While I did cleanse the rune chain with lemon juice initially and cats tend to not like citrus, I also have several blessing keys hanging in the house:

And a large bowl of salt and fragile items called a Blessing Bowl on my coffee table where even my dog could access it:

The Blessing Bowl, in its various incarnations, has been around for over a year and not once has it been knocked over by a familiar (or knocked over at all, for that matter).  Not a key or rune has been pulled down once.  I don't rearrange, cover or move these items when I'm gone or not present in the room.  In fact, I have never once worried about damage by one of my familiars to any of my spiritual items.  Because I have complete trust in my familiars, I have the confidence that they will not harm my possessions and, in particular, any protective and blessing items I have throughout and around the house.  

So when I speak about love and trust, I'm speaking on levels that exceed beyond that of a pet owner.  If you can't trust your pet around something spiritual, that pet is not a familiar.

But just because your pet doesn't knock over an important bowl of protective salt doesn't make it a familiar.  The most important characteristic is that...

A Familiar Guides Your Magickal and Spiritual Endeavors

A true familiar takes an active role in your spiritual undertakings.  If you're the ritual type, they participate in rituals without having to be closed into the same room as you and being forced to be present.  They offer guidance and wisdom beyond what might have been available to you without them.  This means that they push things into place, or pull things out.  They make you notice things that you need to notice.  Again, they are actively participating in your craft.  Depending on your views, there may even be a true psychic connection with a sort of otherworldly communication, though not every viewpoint or tradition requires this.

I want you to take a look at the familiar present for this ritual: My cat, Zeus.  Notice that he is not being forced to be there; he is calm, lying on my grimoire.  He's also intense.  He is completely unafraid of the flames, yet he's not approaching them dangerously.  Instead, he's staring at them intently.  He's not looking at me.  He's not looking off in some other direction.  He's not laying his head down.  He is lending his energy to the spell at hand.  It is clear in the picture that he knows exactly what he's doing and that it's working as the flames reach up far higher than I anticipated.

Which brings me to the final point in this discussion: Your familiar should empower you.  Beyond the strong spiritual bond and utter trust, there's a vibration when you touch them or they touch you, like being at the brink of a storm on a cliff or that moment the wind swirls the leaves around you, lifting your hair.  And that kind of empowerment is reflected into your work.  Your spell work is bigger, deeper, richer, stronger, more focused with them present.  And it's not just a feeling you get; the results are clearly evident.  You couldn't hide that this animal was your familiar if you tried.  If anyone has worked with you spiritually, they already know exactly which animals are and aren't your familiars just by how those familiars interact with your craft.

Can You Have Multiple Familiars?

I'm always highly hesitant to answer this question as a positive.  If you've never had a familiar link, you may not be experienced in that kind of bond enough to distinguish just one familiar, let alone multiple.  Take a hard look at why you think you might have multiple familiars.  Is it because you have multiple pets?  Is it because your two cats are brothers?  Just because you have multiple pets or they're related does not make them familiars.  A familiar's definition mostly boils down to their relationship with you.  Please review the above for each animal you think might be a familiar.  Then add the following:

Multiple familiars often act like a cohesive pack.  If you have that kind of familiar bond with two animals, then those two animals should also have a bond with each other.  After all, a familiar becomes an extension of yourself.  I'm not saying that two animals that fight can't also both be your familiar, but chances are fairly against you for that.  I'm also not saying that two animals who act like they've been bonded for life are definitely your familiars.  They still must pass all of the above criteria.

In terms of the animals' bond to one another, just how cohesive am I talking?

Really, really cohesive.  None of my familiars are related and approached me almost a year apart each, yet act as though they've known each other their entire lives.  That's the kind of cohesiveness you should expect from your familiars.

That being said, for animal safety purposes, don't try to see if your cat loves your bird or if your mouse and your fish get along by dumping your mouse in a fish tank.  Those are terrible ideas.  Animal safety always, always comes first.  Sometimes, due to differences in environments, two familiars can't fully interact and that's okay.  But never put an animal at risk to see.

Think You Have a Familiar?
Look Again.

I cannot stress enough how often I see witches and pagans decide their pet is a familiar without thinking things through thoroughly.   They'll bend the rules to match their situations or think they have connections they don't truly have.  They want so badly for their beloved cat or dog (or bird or so forth) to be a familiar that they forget to be cautious.  If you decide an animal is a familiar, you'll have to take a step that many of these witches and pagans do not take yet still use the familiar term.  And that thing is going to involve you with your familiar in a way you two can never separate again, in a way that could endanger you or your familiar spiritually if you've got this wrong.

Before you decide your animal or pet is definitely a familiar, I highly suggest using meditation, visualization, astral projection, divination or some other form of insight as guidance.  Make positively sure that what you have is a familiar and that you both are ready to move forward.

Because if you are, it's time for you to make a pact.

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