Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Emotional Piggy Bank Spell Box for Love and Communication

Recently, circlemates Laura and Phaedra, along with their husbands, moved into a rental house together!  I'm incredibly excited for them on this next step in their journey.  The four of them are in a polyamorous relationship and I have had the honor and joy of watching it blossom.  When they chose a house to rent, they asked circlemates to contribute to their house cleansing in some way.  This was my contribution!  I asked Laura and Phaedra if they were comfortable with me posting this online and they were enthusiastic about it.

I would like to state up front that, due to the personal nature of these boxes, I would prefer not to see replicas sold.  That being said, recreating the box with your own personal touches for yourself or as a gift is exactly the aim of this article!

The Emotional Piggy Bank starts with a container of some sort.  In this case, I chose a box.  I particularly loved this specific box because it represented the moment their relationship is at: Renting this house together.  The box says "Love begins at home," and "Home is where the heart is."  I couldn't think of a better container than this to begin with!

The next step is to create a sigil that represents the relationship.  Sigils can be created in a number of ways and there are many websites and phone applications that will create sigils for you if you're not confident enough to do so yourself.  My preferred method is to take the words I plan on using and mark out any duplicates.  For example, if I were to create a sigil that represented Cream Slushies, I would be left with C R A M L U H I.  The rest of the letters have duplicates and thus get removed from the equation.  Then I break down the letters into single strokes.  For example, an A is two slanted lines and a short horizontal line.  Finally, I take those strokes and create a design that is pleasing to my eye.  I don't want to detail exactly what I used to create the sigil above but you can clearly see a U in the center.  Sigil making can be quite easy and enjoyable!

The purpose of this sigil is to connect your relationship to the box.  A picture of the involved parties should be placed and sealed over the sigil, preferably with a strong adhesive.

The next step is paper!  This is the way we're filling the Emotional Piggy Bank.  Love notes and happy moments serve as the "coins."  Use the paper to write thoughtful, appreciative letters to one another or to mark important dates or fun events!  These notes should then be folded and placed inside the box.

A stone representative of the relationship should be charged by all involved parties and placed in the box.  I chose rainbow fluorite because it represents happiness, harmony and stabilization.  This stone will absorb the love and happiness of the notes.  During times of strife, it should be cleansed in some way, recharged and placed back inside the box.

Next, it's time to create an anointing oil for candles.  Be mindful of allergies as you continue.  Here is the recipe for the anointing oil I created.  You can use some or all of this recipe or even create your own!  For Phaedra, Laura and their husbands, there's no such thing as "too much," so I went overboard intentionally.

Anointing Oil for Communication and Love

Stone shards:
Fancy Jasper - For tranquility and calming overactive emotions.
Blue Topaz - For clearly articulating thoughts and rationalization.
Rose Quartz - For love and healing the heart.
Crystal Quartz - To support and empower the stones, herbs and oils around it.

Large Stones:
Rainbow Fluorite - For stabilization and harmony.
(The piece of rainbow fluorite I used in this box is a chunk that broke off of the larger stone above, connecting the two.)
Rose Quartz - For love and healing the heart.

Marjoram - For protection, love and dispelling negativity.
Nettle - For healing and courage.
Rose Buds - For love, happiness and security.
Lavender - For relaxation, communication and strengthening love.
Rosemary - For dispelling jealousy, enhancing loyalty and memory.
Juniper Berries - Attracts healthy energy, love and banishes hate.

Rose - For love, peace and calming domestic problems.
Dragon's Blood - For love, healing, cleansing and communication.
Fires of Passion Blend - Encourages love, sex and happiness.
A Carrier Oil (Olive Oil)

So what kind of candles should you include?

I chose two different kinds, starting with a small pack of quick-burning candles (aka birthday candles).  These tiny candles should be anointed with the oil immediately and placed inside the box.  As notes are added to the box, they will be charged with love and happiness.  Then, if someone is having a particularly bad day and needs a boost or is fighting with depression and feeling unloved, they can take a candle out of the box and burn it.  Burning it will release the oil as well as the loving and happy energy it has been charged with by the notes.

If you're struggling to find a candle holder that will fit these tiny guys, I suggest a tealight holder filled with sand or salt.  Does the trick every time!

The second candle I included was a larger half-pillar candle inscribed with "Love never fails."  This candle is for a more detailed ritual.  For day-to-day, place the candle on top of the box.  This will allow it to absorb the happy and loving energy from the notes below.  In any happy and loving relationship, people fight.  When those fights occur, take this candle, anoint it with the oil and light it.

If there is strife or fighting in the household, it's now time to take from the Emotional Piggy Bank to refill your hearts.  Take out each note and read it aloud to one another, reminding yourself of the love you hold in your hearts and the happy times you've enjoyed.  Once the note has been read, burn it using the flame of the pillar candle and drop it into this offering dish.  The ashes can be utilized in love spells, used as an offering on an altar, mixed into bath salts to create a loving and relaxing soak and more.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your relationship too will build upon healing from the fight and moving forward.

Here's a full visual representation of the details above.  Should the relationship end, this box should be destroyed.  Let's hope, however, that this box aids in an open, loving, happy and communicative relationship!


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Thank you for your patience!

I wanted to thank my readers for their patience during my absence.  My blood work returned that my thyroid hormone was off which may explain why I've been so tired.  I'm on an increased dosage of my medication but it's been taking its sweet time kicking in.  For the past couple of weeks, all I've done is work, circle and sleep.  Today's the first day I haven't accidentally fallen asleep at my desk or somehow found myself back in bed.  Hopefully I'll have some increased energy this week and can return to blogging on a regular schedule.  Patrons will still receive their rewards via Patreon this month regardless of my energy levels.

If I continue to feel this way, I'll be seeing a rheumatologist to figure out why I can't stay awake and have such decreased energy.

Such is the unfortunate reality of following a blogger who has a chronic illness and a full time job.  That being said, I will be back the minute I can stay awake for longer than a few hours at a time.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Personal Update: I got my dog a special toy!

Long time, no talk readers!  Thank you for bearing with me on last week's lack of posting.  I've been absolutely exhausted lately and desperately needed to sleep around work and circle events.  I went in for a doctor's visit and blood work on Friday, so hopefully I can resolve what's making me so darn tired all the time!  Until then, posting may be somewhat sporadic.  I'll try to backlog articles when I have the energy.  Working a full time job and managing the circle comes first.  I appreciate that my readers understand this and give me the time I need when I flare up!

Anyways, onward to the fun stuff.


I wish I had more photos from work to post than I do.  The lack of energy means I mostly go in and do my job, forgetting to take photos in the process.  That being said, things on the work front have been busy as usual.  I recently received a request for a lengthy gig proposal, so put out some good thoughts to the universe for me!  It could provide a steady income throughout 2018.  I've also been moved to primary contact for a local agency, which is helping to keep me extra busy this year.  Overall, lots of exciting stuff ahead!


We're still waiting on our insurance to approve one final part of the house renovations but that's it!  Hopefully within the next month, we'll get everything scheduled and under way.  Working with insurance takes so much time but it's going to be so worth it.  The circlemates joke that they probably won't recognize the house the first time after everything's complete - and they're probably right.  I can't wait to show you guys!

In the meantime, here's another completed project from inside the house this past month:


I have the most adorable video story for you guys.  I want to apologize in advance for the way the compression distorts my ridiculous amounts of laughing.






Most of the circle went to Build-a-Bear for Phaedra's birthday party.  I typically don't get anything when we go because I'm not particularly in love with stuffed animals and my dog generally ends up with any that are given to me.  Which then gave me an idea.  I went for the cheapest option they had to give my dog a special treat he clearly enjoyed!  You know, as ridiculous as it was standing the store creating a bear for my dog, the reaction was so absolutely worth it.  If I had to go back, I'd absolutely do it again.

Incoming familiar photo dump:

And that about sums it up!  Enjoy!