Saturday, October 7, 2017

Full Moon in Aquarius

For the August 2017 full moon.  Thank you!

Monday, October 2, 2017

August Eve Altar 2017

A cross-quarter holiday, August Eve, also known as Lammas or Lughnasadh depending on your beliefs and practices, is the first of three yearly harvest festivals.  Falling between Midsummer and the Autumn Equinox, it is an equilibrium of fall and summer, representing a hot, green day with tumultuous storms, yet the cutting of the sheaf and the preparation for the darkness ahead.  That being said, unless you're a farmer or enjoy gardening, it's not likely that you'll be harvesting any food during this time of the year.  Instead, we focus on the symbolism of the harvest as a ritual for creating cycles and focus in our lives.  During this sabbat, we reflect on goals achieved from seeds sewn in the spring, the letting go of what is not needed for the months ahead and strength and fortitude for the work to come.

When it comes to August Eve, I think of greens and golds.  Despite thinking of harvest as a time of falling leaves and cooler days, August Eve is right at the height of the Midwestern heat.  The trees are still full of bright green leaves and the sun is beating down on you if you dare to venture outside.  Gold, in this case, is symbolic of both the hot sun and the wheat we harvest, invoking prosperity and richness.  Green then represents the green leaves of the trees as well as fertility, earth and abundance.  I used these colors at the back of the altar where I placed three candles, a tribute to the three harvest holidays of the year.

I also utilized hints of black in the altar to invoke the darkness to come.  In these gorgeous wheat candle holders, I placed black sand to hold up the thin green candles.  I also used a black pillar candle holder to hold a green and gold leaf candle, again something representative of the life and sun preceding the darkness ahead.

Symbols of wheat lie about the entire altar, from actual grain to shapes of wheat to a cup holding ale, which is, of course, fermented wheat.  Grains are the common harvest for this time of the season and wheat is the most common, so it's the symbol I've chosen to focus on for this altar.

At the very front of the altar sits a green glass acorn.  Acorns, seeds of oak trees, represent potential and strength.  They also happen to be what the squirrel harvests and stores for the winter.  Inside this glass jar, I placed a squirrel's skull in a bed of gold glitter.  We often think of squirrel's symbolism as playful and quick, but squirrels are also incredibly practical foragers who rely on their own means to survive the winter. By placing this skull in a bed of gold, representing prosperity, and closing it inside an acorn of potential, I've created a monument to the potential and strength of the harvest that is August Eve.

Above the altar, I've placed large and thick barren wreath, representing the bare months to come.  As we move forward into the next harvest, that wreath will get thinner, which will represent the culling back of our own bounty to reserve enough for the months ahead.  While we can enjoy what we have now, we must be practical like the squirrel and store for later!

Here's wishing everyone a blessed August Eve!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Tentative Post Schedule

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Before shutting down my Patreon, I would regularly post projected schedules as a way of updating patrons about my tentative posts.  Now that I no longer utilize Patreon, I'd like to start doing the same here.  As I often told my patrons, this schedule is contingent on my health and stress levels.  Part of the chronically ill and still working package is juggling a full time job with my illness on top of blogging.  That being said, in an ideal state, this should be what you can see in October.

Posts to Look For
Altar Photos
Because I missed two sabbats worth of altar photos, expect to see them updated here this month.  I refuse to skip altars particularly because I'm looking forward to making a post on a year's worth of sabbat altars and comparing them to the first year I did altars.  Both August Eve and Autumn Equinox are on the board.
--August Eve Altar
--Autumn Equinox Altar
--Samhain Altar

Ritual Catch-up
Circle of Fountains rituals to look for include both August Eve, led by Tamilia, and Autumn Equinox, led by Andrea.  Public rituals include the Lughnasadh ritual by Heena Lushede.  No public Autumn Equinox ritual was provided to increase attendance at PPD's main ritual.  Unfortunately, I was manning an informational booth and was unable to attend that this year, so no public ritual will be posted for that.
--August Eve Ritual
--Public Lughnasadh Ritual
--Autumn Equinox Ritual

--Samhain Ritual

I've been working on a series of astrological full moon infographs and I'm determined to finish them this year.  I have plans next year to focus on the new moon, thus falling behind on full moon infographs would not be ideal.
--Full Moon in Tuarus
--Full Moon in Aquarius
--Full Moon in Pisces

I received a box from Coventry Creations full of amazing goodies for a big anniversary celebration.  I also have a deck of tarot cards that have not been published yet to preview for readers!  I've been sitting on both of these for about two months so it's time to get them up on the blog.
--Coventry Creations
--Apprentice Tarot

Familiars Series
At GGG, I presented a full 101 class on Familiars.  In that class, I offered information that will eventually be posted in articles to this blog.  This month, I'd like to focus on how a domestic familiar assists a witch in the craft.
--How a Domestic Familiar Serves the Witch

Blog Chores

Ko-fi Links
All Patreon links at the bottom of posts need to be swapped for Ko-fi.

Goal Updates
I haven't looked at these in quite some time because my career exploded - in a good way - this year, and because of communal problems.  I need to get back on track in some form before the end of the year.

Tag System for August and September
In the hectic hubbub of it all, I forgot to properly tag previous posts.  I need to go through and fix that before next month.

That about sums it up!  Looking forward to getting caught up this month.  Thank you so much for your patience and talk with you soon!