Saturday, January 20, 2018

February Eve / Imbolc: Ten ideas for solitary witches!

Below are ten crafts, altars, spells and ritual ideas for solitaries that either I personally, my coven or other covens have done throughout the past five years.  Enjoy!

Carve and decorate a candle to recognize the spark of light within you!

You can even use tissue paper to print your design on a white candle.  Find out how below!
See it in action for the Liithi Lushede Imbolc ritual in 2014!

Leave an offering of bread and milk to your patron deity, entities you work with or to the land.
Read more about it in my 2015 February Eve altar post.

Create a vision board to inspire you for the year ahead.

Create Brigid's Crosses to protect your home from fire.
Please keep a fire extinguisher and fire alarms in your home as well.

Alternatively, make a Derry version of the Brigid's Cross known as a binding knot!
See this one in action in the 2015 Circle of Fountains ritual!

Make an ice candle holder to celebrate the thawing of the ground and the light ahead!
See them in action in both the Liithi Lushede 2014 ritual AND the Liithi Lushede 2015 ritual!

Honor February Eve with my Imbolc in a Cup altar consisting of herbs "planted" in salt.
See it in action on both my February Eve 2014 altar and my February Eve 2015 altar.

Take it a step further and use those herbs as a February Eve incense to cleanse your house!
See it in action in my 2017 February Eve altar post.

Or maybe just light several white candles to purify your altar area!
Read more about it in my February Eve 2015 altar post.

Make fertility wands by hot-gluing small pine cones to sticks and decorating them with ribbon!
Use the wand to cast a fertility spell upon your garden area for the coming growing months.
See them in action in the Heena Lushede Imbolg ritual for 2017!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you enjoy your February Eve to the fullest!
May the spark of light guide your path!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January Personal Update

The last time I updated was at the beginning of December.  Since then, we've had Yule, Christmas and New Years, meaning it's been a hectic several weeks!  And all that mad rush comes to a screeching halt when the first turns over.  The holidays have ended, slow season is in full swing and life just kind of... idly strolls by.  That is, unless you're buried eye-deep (literally) in autoimmunity.  Then, once the stress dies down, the flares come out.

Such is life, right?

Let's take a look at the past month or so.

The last time I updated, Artie still had his cone on.  After two weeks of dealing with it amazingly well, we finally got the stitches removed and the cone came off!  His treat for all of this?

Delicious Puppucino of course.

Artie's never had one - or any whip cream for that matter - and it seemed senseless to deprave him of it after a bout with cancer.

Holiday parties, mostly corporate ones, were the majority of my December gigs.  It was certainly a busier season than I'm used to, but I definitely won't complain!

I know I mentioned in December that I had a corneal ulcer.  I also, on a totally unrelated incident, ended up with a severely blocked tear duct over the holidays.

For as small as it looks, it packed one hell of a punch with pain.  Not quite a full blown scleritis break out with radiating pain through my cheek bone and into my jaw but more like a bruised nose and eye.  Like maybe someone punched me.  It wasn't pleasant.

I realize no one looks flattering when they're in pain and at the doctor but uh, yeesh.
Good luck bleaching that from your brain.
I look miserable.
Our eye doctor is amazing though.  Obviously, I got everything I needed to treat it but, on top of that, he gave me his cell number.  If it got worse over the holiday weekend, he would meet me at the office to lance it.  Even if it were Christmas Eve or Day.  I landed the jackpot on this optometrist, let me tell you.

Fortunately, it healed up after antibiotic drops and antibiotic meds.

Aaron and I spent Christmas Eve at home, which gave us a chance to have a nice candlelit meal and enjoy each other's company.  We're often kind of ships passing in the night with our jobs and lives.

Christmas Day was spent at my parents' house.  I title the above picture "The difference between a familiar and a pet in a single photograph."

I want to thank readers Jonathan and Betsy for the awesome book gifts!

And Toria for a heartfelt card, candle and key! Thank you so much!

Our contractors forgave the remaining $500 balance on our renovations for the holidays - which made me cry.  Like, sob cry.  Gonna be honest.

And, same day no less, the car in front of me bought my coffee for me.

I think I literally came home and cried about how good everyone is to my husband for an hour.  Then I went through and purchased $100 worth of witchy wishlist requests and volunteered with my husband's work to help serve 3rd shift Christmas dinner because there's no way that many good things happens without paying it forward.

Aaron and I spent New Years Eve in this year.  Typically, we don't.  Last year we gamed and the year before, I think I hosted.  This year, we're hosting as well.  But neither of us felt up for anything.  So we played games, had a little champagne (Actually, I just had some sparkling grape juice to avoid the heartburn.  I'm old.), did a ritual and went to bed.

After the first of the year, the circle and I started the restructuring of our Noviceship program.  We'll be working on it the entire year to prepare for 2019 Novices.  I'm actually quite excited about this.  It's one of the things the spirits of my New Year's Eve ritual said needed to happen.  I think the Primaries feel a little overwhelmed right now because we have an entire year of working on this but it'll be good for them, for me, for the circle in general and for future witchlings.

The pets have been doing well.

Artie gave us a bit of a scare this past week.  We noticed a lump on his shoulder, so I took him in for an FNA to make sure it wasn't a new cancerous growth.  Nope - just a cyst.  Then, five days later, we found a large lump on his hip.  Aaron took him in the next morning - just a reaction to the rabies vaccination since I went ahead and vaccinated him when we did the FNA earlier that week.

Lumpy buddy keeps making my heart jump!

I also have to say that our vet is amazing as well.  They didn't charge me for the FNA when it turned out to be a cyst even though the needle was utilized and they didn't charge us at all when we came in about the rabies vaccination lump.  Plus, I mean, they caught cancer that three other vets didn't so uh, yeah, I'm pretty loyal at this point.

Zeus is next on my vaccination and check up list.  Being a senior cat at 9 years old, he's due for blood work.  Plus I want to talk to them about his hyperesthesia.  I know there's not much we can do but he's just... so itchy, poor thing.  We've tried shampoos and sprays but nothing seems to cull it.  And we can't do steroids because he's so overweight - which we're working on - but it risks diabetes.  Some days it's so bad that, if I just touch his back, he falls on the floor and spazzes out about it.  I wish there was something - anything - I could do for him.  I mean, it's not necessarily affecting his quality of life heavily but it's frustrating for both of us, especially if his claws latch into me during an episode.

Not that the lovebug doesn't find ways around it.

Then Sasspants, I mean Hermes, will go in.

Followed by Derpy - I mean Apollo.

Oh. No. Nevermind. I definitely meant Derpy.

I don't necessarily expect anything to be wrong on either of their parts.  Probably just routine vaccinations and blood work.  But it's that time of the year and it needs to be done.

I have... clearly interrupted something here.  I'll uh, see myself out.
You don't get to judge me for eating cake for breakfast when you lick your butt hole every day.
When you want to cuddle but you're also too hot.
Gross.  Get a room.
Cat science: How all four feet of Hermes can fit into a cat hub the size of my hand.
Guys, I'm trying to do laundry. ... Guys?
Puppy kisses are the best. <3
And that sums up my December and beginning of January!  Have a good one, folks!